Wacky Web Week

Nintendo promises Wii bit of excitement

We all know that gadgets are supposed to make our lives easier and more productive. Technology should give us time to pursue hobbies and interests, like tripping the light fantastic or playing ball in the park with the kids

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Danish engineers find low-tech speed limit fix

Making motorists stay within the speed limit is a problem in every country.
But not every nation brings the same level of creative problem-solving to the
issue as Denmark. With 70% of motorists going over the speed limit, traffic
engineers decided that something had to be done

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Is there a movie idea on your Start Menu?

Where does Hollywood get its ideas for those summer blockbusters?
Producers don’t just borrow from novels, plays, TV, and comic books, but also from major computer games like Tomb Raider, Mario Brothers, Wing Commander, and Doom.

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Quite possibly the first duct-tape server

You always hear how endlessly useful duct tape is: it’s water resistant,
tears easily, and comes in a variety of colors. Just go online and you’ll
find numerous examples of duct-tape creativity, including entire articles
of clothing made from this miracle product

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Apple takes on iRack

Sure, Apple Inc. is famous for cool products with trendy designs.
But what would happen if the high-tech corporation took on something
different, something even bigger than it already has?

That’s the question
asks in this skit about the most daring Apple product to date — the iRack.

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Fox News’s image directory left wide open

A Web user looking through FoxNews.com on July 23 discovered that the site
had left a user name and password wide open in a public area. The password
was then posted on
the giant news-for-geeks service

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It’s 2 a.m. — know where your icons are?

Ever wonder what happens when you leave your computer on overnight?
Does it just sit idle until the screen saver kicks in?

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iPhone features lead to hilarious consequences

Apple’s iPhone was released to much ballyhoo last month. No such product

launch would be complete without a few parodies of its ad campaign

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Windows Live finds more than you think

Our Wacky Web Week column
last week
featured a spoof of a video ad for one of Microsoft’s newest product
ideas. But not every commercial needs a send-up to be funny

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Gamer takes a different look at MS Surface

The big buzz in sexy new technology lately is
Microsoft Surface.
The concept is to embed a fancy, highly graphical computer into
a table top

But not everyone is so excited the possibilities.
Among the skeptics are the folks at
The Sarcastic Gamer.
Check out their twisted trailer extolling the virtues
(or at least the vexations) of tabletop computing.

Watch the video

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