Wacky Web Week

Download gets a whole new meaning

If you think bathroom humor is limited
to juveniles and mass media, think again. Just in time for April Fools’ Day
comes Google’s announcement of TiSP — the Toilet Internet Service
Provider. The gag service claims to offer free, ultra-high speed connectivity
for your wireless-capable PC. The only catch is that you have to connect
to their system via cables you run through your toilet and local sewers

The Google TiSP pages include a
press release
(touting the trademarked GFlush system), an
installation guide
("wash your hands before surfing"), and a
FAQ page
(explaining how DNA analysis of your, er, "personal output" helps
Google send you highly targeted advertising).
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Jazzy new look at a Hindu epic

Animator Nina Paley is bringing a new Western
sensibility to the ancient Hindu myths. She’s created a series of animated episodes
based on the Indian epic the Ramayana, with some scenes set to 1920s jazz songs
sung vocalist Annette Hanshaw. Paley, who lived in India in 2002, is putting
her own spin on
the story, emphasizing the experiences of Sita, the wife of the original
version’s hero Rama. In Paley’s version, Sita is the real hero.

Paley produces the animations, collectively titled “Sita Sings the Blues,”
using Flash animation and Adobe AfterEffects. She hopes to have a completed
version 2008. You can view some of the individual chapters at the
Sitayana page of her Web site.

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Hey, can you throw me a beer?

A recent graduate of Duke University is doing a lot with his Ivy League education. In
homage to his college days, John Cornwell — who works as a software engineer in
Atlanta, Georgia — created a refrigerator that can toss a
beer to him while he sits on his couch.

The remote-controlled machine, fashioned out of a mini-fridge
and a
catapult arm, can hold 10 cans of beer and propel them up to 20 feet.
It’s not rocket science, but it’s
pretty darn cool — not to mention great for game days!

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Philips’ new ad campaign pushes the envelope

Tired of the old, humdrum advertising
campaigns? Philips’ Internet campaign for its new shaver, the Bodygroom, has
spread across the Web like wildfire. It’s a perfect example of viral campaigns
at their best

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Gollum and Smeagol get their groove on

A hilarious new video that appeared on the Web recently is a creative, creepy,
and delightful duet version of a Barry White classic. It’s performed none
other than those loveable Lord of the Rings creatures, Gollum and Smeagol

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Vista voice-recognition software is laughable

A video of a Windows Vista speech-recognition demo that went awry was devoured critics of the new operating system when it was posted on the Web late last year. Footage shows the program badly garbling the demonstrator’s commands.

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New PC videos slam the Mac

Apple has been running for months its now-famous “PC vs. Mac” ad campaign. The series of commercials (“I’m a PC"
— "I’m a Mac”) is designed to pitch the Mac as a hip, young machine with more contemporary capabilities, while the PC is portrayed as sluggish and antiquated

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Be careful what you discover

In a hilarious film short, a prisoner makes a surprising discovery —
one that may turn out to be life-changing.

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Human space invaders geek the place up

You’ve seen the old Space Invaders arcade game — but have you seen it played
with live bodies?

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