Windows 8 Guide Volume 1

NEW! The Windows 8 Guide – Volume 3

Moving up to Win8.1 and Win8 Maintenance

This third volume in our series of Windows 8 Guides starts by reviewing the changes to Windows 8 in Version 8.1. It then goes on to thoroughly explain one of the most important tasks for Windows users – backing up and restoring the operating system, applications, and data on their personal computers. Like all Windows Secrets ebooks, this edition pulls together some of the best stories from the weekly Windows Secrets Newsletter.

It’s safe to say that Windows 8 is the most significant change in Microsoft’s operating system – ever. In many ways, getting the most out of Windows 8 is more difficult for experienced Windows hands than it is for first-time users. For anyone who’s spent years working with Windows XP and/or Windows 7, there’s much that’s familiar – but there’s also much that is hidden, obscure, or just plain perplexing. Read More »

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Windows 8 Guide Volume 1

The Windows 8 Guide – Volume 1

Getting started with Windows 8

PC users seem to either love or hate Windows 8. Here at Windows Secrets, we tried to not take one side or the other in the debate over Microsoft’s newest OS. Don’t get us wrong, we have our opinions. But we feel it’s more constructive to simply to provide readers who have Win8 – whether on a new system or via upgrading upgrade of an older PC – with the information they needed to get the most from the OS.

To that end, we searched through the archives and compiled our best Windows 8 coverage into this handy e-book. The Windows 8 Guide covers two main topics: an introduction to Win 8 and customizing your new Win 8 installation. Read More »

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Windows 8 Guide - Volume 2

The Windows 8 Guide – Volume 2

Working with Windows 8

For this second Windows Secrets ebook on Microsoft’s newest operating system, we gathered the most useful stories from our archives on working with Windows. Although all of this information has appeared in the Windows Secrets newsletter, we think you’ll find this concise reference helpful for getting the most out of an operating system that will be both familiar to Windows users — and often disconcertingly different. There are many changes in Windows 8 that confuse even seasoned Windows users. This guide delves into some of the most important topics. Read More »

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Windows 7 Guide Volume 1

The Windows 7 Guide Volume 1

Setting up, optimizing, and using your Win7 system

As with any version of Windows, there is so much information available that it can take some time to dig out exactly what you’re looking for, especially with a large topic like setting up Windows 7.The Windows 7 Guide doesn’t merely re-state what’s readily available in user manuals and common online sources. Rather, this information expands on, clarifies, and improves upon the standard information that you already have access to and know about.

In the Windows Secrets Windows 7 Setup Guide, you’ll learn better ways to: install or upgrade to Windows 7, optimize your new Win7 setup for safety and ease of use, and get up to speed, fast! Read more »

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Windows 7 Guide Volume 2

The Windows 7 Guide Volume 2

Troubleshooting, tuning, and securing your Win7 System

Like Volume 1, The Windows 7 Guide Volume 2 doesn’t merely re-state what’s readily available in user manuals and common online sources. Rather, this information expands on, clarifies, and improves upon the standard information that you already have access to and know about.

In the Windows Secrets Windows 7 Tuning Guide, you’ll learn better ways totroubleshoot, tune, and secure your system! Read more »

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Windows 7 Guide Volume 3

The Windows 7 Guide Volume 3

Advanced maintenance and troubleshooting

Windows 7 has proved a worthy successor to Windows XP. And though Win7 is more secure and has more robust internal diagnostics than its predecessor, it can still develop all sorts of head-scratching problems.

While the previous Windows 7 Guides cover the basics of Windows 7, the Windows 7 Guide volume 3 delves into many of Windows 7′s advanced tools, pros and cons of third-party scanning and cleaning apps, and step-by-step instructions for reinstalling Win7 – without losing your apps, settings, and data. Read more »

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Traveling with Digital Tech

Traveling with Digital Tech

The Windows Secrets guide to mobile computing, media sharing, and digital entertainment on the road

We love traveling. They give us a break from the usual routine and let us spend more time discovering places or being with friends and family. But traveling can also be stressful – especially when it comes to bringing some entertainment or adapting technology for the road. We can’t help you with cramped plane seats or long hours in the car, but we can give you helpful tips on mobile computing and on-the-road digital entertainment.

For any traveling occasion, we’ve combed the Windows Secrets archives and created a special-edition ebook devoted to using your mobile devices plus sharing and enhancing those many digital images and video you’ll no doubt take while enjoying your journeys or celebrating with family and friends. Read More »

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Drive Maintenance

Drive Maintenance

Tips for managing hard drives, flash drives, and more

These days, your hard drives often function as your digital file cabinets. They store photos, books, music, and film libraries; they’re where you keep letters, financial documents, lists, and so on – in other words, much of life’s miscellaneous data. That’s strong motivation to take good care of these vital repositories.

This ebook, Windows Secrets Guide, Drive Maintenance, collects recent Windows Secrets Newsletter articles aimed at helping you understand your hard drives, expand their capacities and length of life, and recover what you can from them when they fail – as eventually, all drives do. Read More »

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Windows Utility Guide

The Windows Utility Guide

Essential Apps for every PC

Windows is a comprehensive OS replete with accessory applications and software tools for diagnosing, repairing, configuring, and generally using a PC system. But practically since the Windows’ first days, its users have relied on innovative third-party utilities to enhance their computing experience.

In this e-book, you’ll find some of our favorite apps for sharing and compressing files, keeping your system up to date, and making your digital photos stand out. Read More »

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Windows XP Survival Guide

The Windows XP Survival Guide

Keep your XP system running for the long haul

With no new copies of Windows XP being sold by Microsoft, support for XP will start to decline. Fortunately, XP’s long run has produced a ton of collected wisdom: everything you need to keep your copy going strong and — when you’re ready — help you move on to the next version of Windows. If keeping XP running as long as possible is your goal, there are numerous steps you can take now to ensure a finely-tuned XP system for months — possibly years — to come.

The Windows Secrets editors have selected the best tips on Windows XP and created this concise guide, covering three major categories: Maintaining Windows XP; Troubleshooting XP; and Win7 and XP: Living in both worlds. Read more »

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pc security guide 140x210 PC Security Guide (e book)

PC Security Guide

Best practices for safe, secure computing on the Web

For better or worse, more of our daily activities are spent on the Internet. We stay in touch with friends and family, post those fun vacation photos for all to see, check out the latest movies, look up interesting things to buy, and much more.

But we’re also putting more and more sensitive personal information on the Net, such as when we manage our online banking and investments, pay our bills, and purchase those movie tickets with our credit cards. That online activity comes with significant risk — and it’s a threat that’s becoming difficult to counter. Read more »

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PC Maintenance Guide

PC Maintenance Guide

Simple effective tips for tuning, upgrading, & repairing your Windows PC

Over the years, Windows Secrets has accumulated a vast amount of information about Windows and Windows-related hardware and software. The PC Maintenance Guide is a concise e-book in which the most essential articles and links are collected into one, easy to use reference – saving you hours of digging through back issues.

The Windows Secrets editors pored through several years of published information and compiled the best tips from Fred Langa and the other Windows Secrets contributors. The guide covers three major categories: Upgrading your system; Tuning up/speeding up your PC; and Emergency troubleshooting. Read more »

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PC Hardware Guide

PC Hardware Guide

Tips for optimizing, troubleshooting, and maintaining your system

Computer equipment is considerably more than a PC, a keyboard, a monitor, and a mouse on your desktop. With the proliferation of digital devices and the many ways we use them, your software and hardware interactions are bound to cause problems from time to time.

The writers at Windows Secrets monitor advances and failures of hardware features and performance as they do software. We have compiled a collection of pieces from the Windows Secrets Newsletter to address hardware questions in several categories: troubleshooting, upgrading, and keeping your stuff both safe and useful. Read more »

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