OneNote 2003 drops to $99.95, doesn’t require Office 2003

In our story on the improvements that Service Pack 1 bring to Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking program, we said in our Aug. 5 newsletter that Microsoft had cut the list price of the full product in half to $99.95 (U.S.).

That frustrated several readers, because no online stores were yet reflecting that price. Even Microsoft’s own order page tried to charge shoppers the old price of $199.95, despite the fact that the OneNote 2003 product page clearly stated “$99.95.”

This glitch hasnow been fixed, at least at Microsoft’s site. Visit the OneNote 2003 “how to buy” page, then click the link that says “Order.” The order page now charges you only $99.95.

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Online e-tailers seem to have adjusted to the even lower, $49.95 academic price for students and faculty. Check prices: U.S. / U.K.

But the pricing of the standard version of OneNote 2003 has stubbornly remained based on the old $199.95 list price at all the retailers we’ve checked. That means Microsoft is selling OneNote 2003 for half the price of some “discounters”!

Actually, a Microsoft source tells us that retailers with OneNote in stock will be getting a $100 rebate for each copy they still have. So e-tailers who are still charging $199.95 may be milking the situation until consumers get the word.

On another subject, we said in error that OneNote 2003 requires Office 2003, based on a statement that appeared for a time on Microsoft’s product page. This is incorrect. OneNote 2003 is a standalone application, and does not require Office 2003. However, it does require Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.0. In addition, to use the inking features of OneNote 2003, you’ll need a Tablet PC.

We’re sending gift certificates to readers Ed Carman and Hugh Merrill for their help in researching these issues.
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