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    Re: Sorting list boxes in VBA (Word 2000 VBA)

    This may help - Cut from code working in Word 2000

    If arrPeople(2, lngI) <> "" Then
    ReDim Preserve arrWorkers(lngW)
    arrWorkers(lngW) = arrPeople(2, lngI)
    lngW = lngW + 1
    End If...
  2. Re: VBA - Resetting paragraph numbers using code (Word 2000, '97)

    Hi Gary,
    Yes there are custom styles applied to all levels, going to 5 levels.
    I am starting to make progress by selecting the section, searching (in ascending order) for each of the custom styles,...
  3. VBA - Resetting paragraph numbers using code (Word 2000, '97)

    I have a large document made up of up to 10 documents inserted into the main document, each separated with a section break(new Page). I accept that right here is my problem, but given that I'm stuck...
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