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  1. Re: Bookmarks and places visited (internet explorer 6)

    Click the Favorites menu and then hold down your Shift key while clicking "Organize Favorites." Your Favorites will automatically open in a Windows Explorer window.
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    adding multiple addresses to .wab (OE6)

    Does anyone know of a way I can add the addresses of several email messages to the Address Book at once? I have a sub-folder in my Inbox with over a hundred emails in it. I want to add the all the...
  3. Re: Can't insert object into table (2000 SR1)

    Thanks guys. I'm so glad it wasn't something ridiculously basic that I just wasn't seeing. My forehead doesn't need any more dents in it.
    Oh and yes...I did wash my hands. ;-)
  4. Re: Can't insert object into table (2000 SR1)

    Here's my weird fix. I just made a graphic with the little boxes covered by a group of white rectangular autoshaped overlaid with outlined and gray-filled rectangles. The other thing I did (that...
  5. Re: Can't insert object into table (2000 SR1)

    Here's a page of the form. I solved it but in a weird way.
  6. Re: Can't insert object into table (2000 SR1)

    It's not a dumb question at all. No, the form is to be printed. The local print shop doesn't know how to fix this either, but they don't have much to do with Word. More PageMaker and the like. ...
  7. Can't insert object into table (2000 SR1)

    I volunteer for our local hospital and they sent me a Word document for a few minor changes. (At least, I THOUGHT they were minor.) It contains a table with some checkboxes. The changes they want...
  8. Re: Keyboard shortcut for 'switch headers/footers' (Win2K/Word 2000 9.0.69

    Use your up and down arrow keys to quickly switch between the header and the footer (once you have opened Header/Footer with Alt+V,H).
  9. Adding lots of addresses to Address Book (OE 6)

    I have a folder I have created in my Inbox with about 200 emails in it. I have to send Meeting Notices to everyone in that folder. I have also created a Mail Rule so that people who want to receive...
  10. Re: 4-up long document TOC trouble (Word 2000)

    Thankyou! That worked perfectly. That was a great help.
  11. 4-up long document TOC trouble (Word 2000)

    Hi Folks. I have a Windows 98 SE machine and Office 2000. I am editing a 130-page book that is laid out in a rather unique way. There are four 5.5" X "8.r pages on each 11 X 17 page. There are...
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    Searching for Blocked Sender (OE 6.0026)

    I have a very long list of Blocked Senders and there are a couple of them I want to unblock. However, they are not sorted in any particular order as far as I can see and it will take me forever to...
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    Tab key messed up (OE 6)

    This morning I opened Outlook Express and started a new message. After I filled in the address I hit my Tab key to move to the Subject line but instead, it switched windows back to the main OE Inbox....
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    Reply options (OE 6)

    I have a friend that always replies at the bottom of an email because when he hits the Reply button the curser he gets is at the bottom of the message, and not at the top.

    How would he change...
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    Quicken forums?

    Can anyone recommend a forum for the Quicken 2001 program?

    Hope this isn't out of line.

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    IE start page (6.0)

    How do I change my IE settings to make it open with the last page I visited instead of always opening to or some other home page?

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    OE-6: customizing toolbar icons (6.0)

    Is there any way to put a customized icon on Outlook Express's Toolbar? I use the 'Block Sender' option on the Message menu a LOT and it would be much more convenient to click a toolbar icon.

  18. Re: troubleshooting template & macros (W2000 SR1, Win9

    Thanks so much. That explains a lot. I wil check out the links you suggested. You were very helpful.
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    Re: Bcc addresses (OE 6.0)

    I tried that but the addresses were not in there. I even clicked the Message Source button and they weren't in there, either.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your time and help.
  20. Re: troubleshooting template & macros (W2000 SR1, Win9

    I forgot to mention that I did check her security settings and changed them from High to Medium so I could access the macros.

    I don't know what a "Module", "Procedure", "Query" or "Session" is so...
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    Bcc addresses (OE 6.0)

    When you send a message to several people using the Bcc field, is there any way you can see who you sent it to? Sometimes I want to check to see if I have sent it to everyone I intended to but when...
  22. Thread: RAM

    by muchwyza


    A friend sent me an email with the following questions. I don't have a CLUE how to answer it.

    If you were given a chip that contains ram and were told that it has a
    13 bit address bus and an 8...
  23. troubleshooting template & macros (W2000 SR1, Win9

    I am having trouble figuring out how to save the macros I created for a specific template for use on another computer.

    Here's the story:

    As a favor for a friend, I created a template...
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    Spellcheck doesn't work with OE (7.0)

    Hi Folks.
    An older gentleman I know asked me the following question and I don't know how to answer. He'd sure appreciate some help.

    "I have a vintage version of Microsoft Office Professional...
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    group message mistake (OE v.6)

    Sometimes I send email to groups of people by entering all their addresses in the Bcc line. Occasionally, I get a message saying that is couldn't be sent because there is a mistake in one of the...
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