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  1. Re: Mail merge problem: 9 digit zip codes (2003)


    OLE DB didn't work for me, but DDE did. DDE is annoying though, since it actually starts up Excel and I had to wait for Excel to open the file and communicate with Word.
  2. Re: Mail merge problem: 9 digit zip codes (2003)

    Thanks, Macropod.

    I tried what you suggest and I can't get it to work. Word says "Invalid op code in conditional". And I was using CTRL-F9 to insert the field codes. I'm wondering if since the...
  3. Re: Mail merge problem: 9 digit zip codes (2003)

    Wierd -- after posting, I tried the same file in Word 2002. In that version, the 9 digit zip codes appear OK, the 5 digit zip codes are blank.
  4. Mail merge problem: 9 digit zip codes (2003)

    Has anyone encountered an issue where nine digit zip codes in an Excel spreadsheet appear as "0" in the Mail merge, when 5 digit zip codes in the same field appear correct?

    Attached is a sample...
  5. Re: Any way to recover data from registry (Pro SP2

    What I was talking about was some information in a backup copy of the registry found in c:windowsrepair, not the current registry.

    In Windows 9x you could have type something like "regedit -i ...
  6. Any way to recover data from registry (Pro SP2)

    In WIndows 9x you used to be able to run Regedit from the command prompt, tell it a specific registry file to read, and export the contents to a text file.
    Is there anything like this still...
  7. Hyperlink problem 2002 & Windows XP (2002)

    I have noticed the following wierd behavior with Word 2002 in Windows XP. (sp2 beta).

    I have changed the file association for .WAV files to a different file type than WIndows media player. When I...
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    PCX format (2003)

    Edited by Phil Rabichow to make the link clickable - see Help #19
    Has Office 2003 dropped support for the PCX graphics format? I don't see it in the options of graphics filters to install, nor is...
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    Re: Macros (Word 2002)

    For what its worth, the intermediate step from Word 6.
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    Re: Macros (Word 2002)

    It turns out you have to open it in Word 6, then in Word 97.

    Here is the Word 97 version -- I don't think the macro works anymore though.
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    Wierd macro corruption (2002)

    I just battled a wierd problem and finally found a solution.

    I had created a macro and had typed in some code. I wasn't able to run my macro because it reported some error message. Back at the...
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    Re: XP Pro dial up connection (XP Pro)

    Thanks -- thats made some progress, I can now create dial up connections, but they won't work.

    The modem dials, the other computer answers, the connection says " verifying user name and password",...
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    XP Pro dial up connection (XP Pro)

    I'm having troubles setting up a dial up connection. The network connection setup wizard grays out the option of making a dial up connection, and only allows the option "using a broadband connection...
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    Re: Text wrapping/text box (Word 2002/SP2)

    What about setting up the first page in two columns, insert a column break at the end of the list of names, then text goes in the next column, and you can format the paragraphs.

    Or if you create a...
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    Re: Error with macro (2000)

    Macros that you record often contain lots of commands that you don't really need. This is probably the case here. Tell him to try disabling this particular line by putting an apostrophe at the...
  16. Re: Save as encoded-UTF8 text in macro (2000, 2002

    Found an answer to my question, in Word 2002 you can do this command:

    ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:=FNameSF$, FileFormat:=wdFormatText,Encoding:=65001

    But there doesn't seem to be a way to do...
  17. Save as encoded-UTF8 text in macro (2000, 2002)

    Does anyone know how to make a macro save text as encoded text , UTF8? I've seen the property FileFormat of the SaveAs method, and how to set it to wdFormatEncodedText, but how do I pick UTF8 out...
  18. Re: Word search dialog - persistent border (2002)


    I too have Word 2002 SP 2. On two machines I have Windows 2000 SP 3 (5.00.2195) and on another I have Windows XP SP 1. Two of the three are Dell Optiplex (one a 260, one a 240)...
  19. Re: Word search dialog - persistent border (2002)

    The phenomenon occurs with Word 2002 in both Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  20. Re: Mac Word Bug (Word 98, Word 2001, Word X)

    Yes, Print Preview works correctly as well. The printer is a Laserjet HP 4100 network printer.

    I do get the problem in Word 2001, and the workaround of bringing up the Word Options dialog doesn't...
  21. Re: Mac Word Bug (Word 98, Word 2001, Word X)

    I don't see this problem on my Macintosh (OS 10.2, using Word X). I can print a clip art image with a margin of .25" to the top or left edge of the page.
  22. Word search dialog - persistent border (2002)

    Here's a curiosity. The Search and Replace dialog boxes in Word 2002, when they overlap onto another program's window, leave a black border in place after you close them. This happens with all...
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    Re: Font Size (OE6)


    I have seen the same behavior you have in OE6 under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The text setting size in OE changes the size you see on the screen, but not the size when printing. This is...
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    Re: Linking to Word bookmarks (Word 2000)

    Interesting tip. It won't work from Mozilla 1.2, but it works from Internet Explorer. Mozilla will open the document but won't go to the bookmark.
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    Re: File save as with % (Word 2000/2002XP)

    Sometimes website filenames replace a space with " " for hex character 20 (space). Did she save these as HTML files?
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