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    Re: Access a data base from the web site?

    Like I said in my earlier post, Visual InterDev 6 For Dummies (when you're just starting out) and then Visual InterDev 6 Unleashed (once you get beyond the basics).

    However, note this: Visual...
  2. Thread: Subform (97)

    by stephan

    Re: Subform (97)

    I've had crazy problems like this in subforms with listboxes and comboboxes not being requeried even though I issue the requery method.

    One thing that worked for me was to programmatically set the...
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    Re: Access Security (Access 2000)

    What OS are you using? Windows 2000? This sounds more like a Windows 2000 permissions problem than an Access security issue.

    But first, you need to rule out that it's not the Access security which...
  4. Re: No MatchEntry property in Access combo boxes? (97/SR-2)

    Thanks, it's the AutoExpand property I want -- this is analogous to the MatchEntry property in VB/VBA combo boxes. I love it when Microsoft doesn't make things consistent.

    Apparently, in my Access...
  5. No MatchEntry property in Access combo boxes? (97/SR-2)

    This is another one of those seemingly simple, stupid questions.

    Apparently, there's no MatchEntry property in Access 97's combo boxes like you have in regular VB/VBA combo boxes.

    So how would...
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    ActiveX Control hell (97/SR-2)

    I've created an Access database which uses a Common Dialog Control in the startup switchboard form -- and everything works fine on my computer.

    However, if I put my Access database with this...
  7. Re: Relationship headaches w/multiple-field PK (97/SR-2)


    Thanks for your reply. However, it turns out what I was trying to do is possible. Incredibly, the trick is simply to create the relationship FROM the 2-key table TO the 3-key table. If you...
  8. Relationship headaches w/multiple-field PK (97/SR-2)

    Hi all,

    I'm stumped as to why I can't create a relationship between 2 tables which have multiple-field primary keys.

    Let's say I have 2 tables with the following fields:

  9. Re: NotInList event / add new record in a subform (97/SR-2)


    Holy cow, of course! Now why didn't I think of that?

  10. Re: NotInList event / add new record in a subform (97/SR-2)


    I did some more tinkering and found the answer using the approach in your solution #2, and I did wind up using the OpenArgs property after all. The answer turned out to be relatively...
  11. Re: NotInList event / add new record in a subform (97/SR-2)


    Thanks for your response.

    In my case, I could only consider your possible solution #2 since Matters <--> Clients is a one-to-many relationship, so having a fsubMatters subform in the...
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    Re: New Record (97)

    If your users are updating and inserting data using forms, the answer's easy. Simply use the AfterUpdate and AfterInsert event procedures in the forms.

    However, if they're updating and inserting...
  13. NotInList event / add new record in a subform (97/SR-2)

    Hi all,

    I routinely use the combo box's NotInList event to open a different data entry form in add mode, ready for the user to input the entry.

    What I can't seem to figure out is the code to do...
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    Height property of form? (97/SR-2)

    This is one of those seemingly simple problems, but infuriating, because apparently there's no obvious answer?

    Forms in Access have a Width property but no Height property. I have 5 forms which I...
  15. Re: Opening a form based on parameter query (97/SR-2)



    Using the recordsource property to change the second form's record source was precisely the type of functionality I was looking for. I really appreciate your help.

  16. Re: Opening a form based on parameter query (97/SR-2)


    Thanks for your reply.

    Just to clarify, you're right, there is no problem with the existing code. I just need to figure out how to do the same thing a different way. The reason for...
  17. Opening a form based on parameter query (97/SR-2)


    I have some code (below) for a command button on a form which opens up a second form based on a filter. What I want to do is open the second form based on a parameter query instead of a...
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    Re: Problem with Address property (97)

    I want to thank you again for your help on this.

    The problem here was really the limitations of what could happen in Outlook's Send event, and even in Outlook 2000, I don't know if this could...
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    Re: Problem with Address property (97)

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I revised your code slightly (below) to work in Outlook 97/VBScript. Any invalid email addresses are in fact being to corrected to valid formats (and no I...
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    Problem with Address property (97)

    To all:

    I'm trying to trap the Send event in Outlook to make sure the email address is valid before sending. Basically, we have a situation where email addresses from InterAction have a wrong...
  21. Re: Bug -- print current page and forms (WD97 SR2)


    Thanks for your reply. You're right on target -- the problem does have to do with forms protection.

    I did some digging and the culprit in my firm's setup is Word's integration with...
  22. Re: Bug -- print current page and forms (WD97 SR2)


    Thanks for your response. I just started Word with the /a switch so that none of the global templates would load. The bug isn't happening anymore.

    Which means that the problem isn't...
  23. Bug -- print current page and forms (WD97 SR2)

    I don't know if there's something wrong with our Word setup here or this is just a Word 97 bug (but I couldn't find anything about it in the MS KB).

    Apparently, what my users are experiencing is...
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    Re: Displaying Results within a TextBox (VB 6.0)

    You're using the wrong control here to get the job done. Use the listbox and set it to 3 columns instead of the textbox. I think this should make your life a little easier.

  25. Re: Turning off AutoFormat As You Type (Word 97 SR2)


    Yes, I agree that Word doesn't have Activate and Deactivate events like Excel is bad.

    Basically, your only other alternatives would be:

    (1) to put the code to turn the...
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