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  1. Colored terminal output in OS X: Seems simple, isn't working

    I'm a new user of OS X, and I want to configure the shell to display prompts and command line input in distinctive colors. I've done this kind of thing in Linux, so doing it in OS X should not be a...
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    Recommend "diff" tool for HTML?

    I'm looking for a diff tool that meets the following requirements:

    Understands HTML and can identify differences in terms of HTML; for example, it can be configured to ignore differences in...
  3. Making a touch screen useful in Windows 7

    My work computer is a laptop with a touch screen, and runs Windows 7. I've found the touch screen helpful. I can select windows and click controls, scroll, and in many applications (but not all) I...
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    The link is out of date, but I found an...

    The link is out of date, but I found an explanation elsewhere on the web.

    Whether the context menu includes "Include in Library" is determined by a Registry entry. Several websites offer scripts...
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    Including a directory in a library

    I'm trying to include a local directory in my Documents library, something I haven't tried before.

    I'm using instructions in a page from titled "Include folders in a...
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    I won't rule out a configuration option -- some...

    I won't rule out a configuration option -- some have truly bizarre effects -- but I should note that "my computer" is a dozen or so different computers that I've used at home and work over time, and...
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    Explanation for weird behavior of F4 key?

    This has bugged me for years, and I'd like to understand it, even if there's no way to change it.

    The F4 key, "Repeat last action," is very useful for repetitive operations. Unfortunately there's...
  8. Either type of change is possible, but style...

    Either type of change is possible, but style definition changes are much more common. A solution that only addresses style changes would be less than ideal, but far better than no solution at all.
  9. Incorporating new template changes into existing documents

    I know this is a wrong-end-of-the-funnel operation; it's simply not the way Word is designed to be used. Unfortunately it's what we need.

    We've got a large and growing number of Word documents...
  10. Display color balance: What is this X of which you speak?

    I tried to use Windows 7's "Calibrate Color" procedure (in the control panel's Display applet) to adjust my display's settings. The brightness step baffled me.

    The step showed a photograph of a...
  11. >If you don't use Send to Bluetooth, try...

    >If you don't use Send to Bluetooth, try disabling that.

    That fixed it. Thank you.

    Now that I think about it, "Send to Bluetooth" is a pretty bizarre thing to do, anyway.
  12. No Word add-ins. The COM add-ins are: ...

    No Word add-ins. The COM add-ins are:

    Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM Addin
    OneNote Notes about Word Documents
    Send to Bluetooth
    Sharing Add-in for Microsoft Lync 2010

    I should add that...
  13. Don't want to save changes to document template

    Every time I save a certain document with Word 2010, it opens a dialog which asks "Do you want to save changes to the document template?"

    I have made changes to the styles in the document, so to...
  14. Irfanview is my preferred tool for...

    Irfanview is my preferred tool for straightforward image capture, but it doesn't support most of the image manipulations I listed.

    Picasa sounds like another useful tool, although past experiences...
  15. I miswrote. It was HKEY_CURRENT_USER that I...

    I miswrote. It was HKEY_CURRENT_USER that I copied the keys from (and to). So that's not the problem.

    At this point is looks like is likely to be the solution for me.

    I've tried GIMP;...
  16. >Try if you haven't. Tried it. I was...

    >Try if you haven't.

    Tried it. I was able to figure out how to do a flood fill without reading any documentation, which is a promising start. I won't be able to try it with the scanner...
  17. Hmm, interesting. I tried copying the program...

    Hmm, interesting. I tried copying the program file directory from my old machine to my new one, and I can run it. Sort of. Every time I start it, it displays the error message "Failed to update the...
  18. Image editors: cheap, quick to load, and easy to use?

    I need an image processing program to clean up scanned images, mainly of printed matter. I'm looking for the following properties/capabilities:

    Reasonable price (or free)
    Small, loads fast
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    That does indeed look like what I need. There's...

    That does indeed look like what I need. There's no enough detail to tell whether it does the job right, but it's definitely worth checking out.
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    Tool to merge HTML files?

    I've encountered this problem twice in the past few years, and I wonder whether there is a tool to solve it.

    The problem is: how to merge two or more HTML files into one?

    Simply mashing...
  21. Word 2010: can't load web page from valid link

    1. Ctrl+Click the link. I get "Unable to open <url>. Cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server.

    2. Right click, copy the link.

    3. Paste into a browser's URL field and press enter. The...
  22. Sleeping computer wakes up when the mouse is moved

    This problem started occuping a few months ago. I only use the computer on weekends so I didn't attend to it right away, but last month I got around to fixing the problem. Some BIOS settings had...
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    Thank you, Andrew. I think I understand...

    Thank you, Andrew. I think I understand everything you said, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

    I'm writing examples that show how to prepare a Word document that can readily be converted to...
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    Word 2010 table styles... again

    Once more, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the way Word manages the properties of text in a table.

    I've got a table with a table style I've defined (I'll call it TEE) with the following...
  25. Sleep or hibernation makes Word documents read-only

    I work in an organization that has a file server, and for the sake of automatic backup I store all of my documents there.

    When I wake up my computer after hibernation or sleep, Word sets every...
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