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  1. Re: Local network setup (5.1.2600 SP1 Build 2600)

    I have the network in place, complete with cable router. My other computer is already setup to run on the network. The problem that I am having relates to administrator's access - when I try to...
  2. Local network setup (5.1.2600 SP1 Build 2600)

    I want to setup a local home network but have not been able to do so. I wemt tp Windows Explorer then selected MS Windows Network, clicked on WORKGOUP and received the following error message. ...
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    Update new install (10.2627.2625)

    I have just made a fresh from the box install of Office XP. I read WOW and recall warnings about some of the upgrades posted by Microsoft. I would like to know whether I should upgrade with SP-1,...
  4. Re: Recover Your Activation Key With ViewKeyXP (XP/SP-1)

    I tried to reach, encountered an error 00404 but then digitalnowhere appeared. I instituted a search for viewkeyXP and was told that they couldn't find it. Please let me know...
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