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    VBA: Adding a Watch by Code

    I have macros that I'm writing on a laptop but need to be tested on a tablet. Adding Watch expressions on the tablet is possible but not as easy as on the laptop.

    Is there any way to write a...
  2. VBA: Subs and Functions: Navigating the IDE

    I notice two things about Subs and Functions that require an argument:

    1) They don't appear in the "Macro" dialog. (This is also true of all Functions, with or without arguments). I have to open...
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    Perfect! I had no idea about the ".object"...

    Perfect! I had no idea about the ".object" property. Thanks!
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    Excel VBA: clicking a radio button by VBA

    I have a set of option buttons on the worksheet (not a form), linked to a cell. My code often changes the contents of the cell directly, but the option buttons don't change to reflect it.

    All the...
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    Word VBA: Capturing a Filename/path

    Excel VBA has a command Application.GetOpenFilename, which lets you display the standard Open dialog box and get a file name from the user without actually opening any files.

    The command doesn't...
  6. I think I partly figured it out. The names being...

    I think I partly figured it out. The names being copied had the Workbook scope. When I gave them instead the scope of a specific worksheet, I didn't get the pop-up.
  7. Windows 8, Excel: Double-click in touch screen

    I'm using a macro-heavy spreadsheet on a Windows 8 tablet. I have code that should run as a result of the BeforeDoubleclick event. It works when I use the attached keyboard, and everything else seems...
  8. Thanks, that does work. There's just one...

    Thanks, that does work.

    There's just one little issue: it doesn't stop the user from clearing (deleting everything from) the cell. Is there a way around that?
  9. Excel: Conditional Locking or Data Validation

    I have a cell ($B$1) that I want to restrict, depending on what another cell says.

    Basically, if another cell $A$1 = "False", you can enter whatever you want in this cell. But if $A$1 is "True",...
  10. SOLVED. The first item in the array was a...


    The first item in the array was a Null. I didn't think to add Option Base 1 to the module!
  11. Excel: Pivot Table with Multiple Consolidation Ranges

    I want to build a pivot table based on multiple consolidation ranges. Specifically, the same cells across several worksheets. The names of the worksheets are stored in a table called loSheetNames, so...
  12. Excel: Suppressing "Name Already Exists" dialog

    I have two macros that cause the same issue. One copies cells from one worksheet to another; the formulas include named cells on that sheet. The other macro makes a new worksheet by duplicating an...
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    Can you enter an Array in a Data Validation list?...

    Can you enter an Array in a Data Validation list?
    Can you make an Array into a named Range?
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    Excel: Dynamic Range

    I have a list of entries (call it "Entries") like this:

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    When I did, it seemed to work. I'm not exactly...

    When I did, it seemed to work. I'm not exactly sure why the corruption moved from one location to another. I think it helped that I reset the formating in the blank cells before trying to delete...
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    Excel: Solving Bloat and Corruption

    My Excel 2013 has been bloating from less than 1 MB to nearly 8MB. I've been reading a lot of advice and have tried several solutions (which is difficult because its so slow).

    I do know that...
  17. Excel VBA: Making Pivot Table from list of Sheet names

    This is the start of a macro that successfully creates a pivot table based on cells from the specified sheets:

    aray = Array("'Sheet1'!R1C5:R102C10", "'Sheet2'!R1C5:R102C10",...
  18. Maybe this will work. At the end of the odd...

    Maybe this will work.

    At the end of the odd number rows, I'll say:
    {SET PrevA <<Field A>>}
    {SET PrevB <<Field B>>}
    {SET PrevC <<Field C>>}
    {SET PrevD <<Field D>>}
    ...but don't actually...
  19. Mail Merge: Juggling fields by combining bookmarks?

    I'm doing a "directory" or "catalog" mail merge based on an Excel sheet in a typical format:

    A1 B1 C1 D1
    A2 B2 C2 D2
    A3 B3 C3 D3
    A4 B4 C4 ...
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    I'm not clear on something: do the methods...

    I'm not clear on something: do the methods discussed in this thread embed the pictures in the document, or link them?

    I'm doing a "catalog" (or "directory") merge, not individual letters, and...
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