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    Outlook XP on Vista (XP SP3)

    Has anyone come across any glaring issues with running Outlook XP SP2 on Vista?
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    MOICE (2k3/2k7)

    Edited by HansV to make URL clickable - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>

    Has anyone looked at MOICE? Wanted to know what you guys think about this new tool. See...
  3. Re: 2006 0nward National Holidays (Outlook 2002 SP3)

    A few weeks back there was an article in TechNet that addressed this. The article number was 910619. I say was because i think it has been removed. It had a link to an msi file that would update...
  4. Re: Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    Thanks. That's very encouraging to know. We consulted with Microsoft about this and they advised against having different versions. Of course we wondered if that was just a company line or if that...
  5. Re: Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    Do you mean that even if we have separate install points for Office XP and Outlook 2003 we may still run into problems when we apply patches or is it only a problem if we have one install point for...
  6. Back up of Outlook Profile (Outlook XP SP-3)

    We use a transform file from an install point to install Outlook. The transform file is configured to automatically create an Outlook profile at first launch. The default name used for the Outlook...
  7. Re: Automatic email profiles? (Outlook XP, Win2KSP3 / XPSP1)

    It all depends on the version of Outlook you are using. For older versions of Outlook you can use the newprof or profgen in a script file. In newer versions of Outlook you can use a transform file...
  8. Re: Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    To be more specific. If I update Outlook 2003 and it updated a shared file then later on updated Office XP and it updates the same shared file, is it smart enough not to overwrite an older version? ...
  9. Re: Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    I understand about the updates being version specific. That's why we intend to use separate install points for Office XP and Outlook 2003. I'm looking for some feedback from people who have...
  10. Re: Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    Thanks for the responses regarding functionalities lost. Are there people out there who can offer any insight with regards to the questions I had regarding administration? I have concerns about...
  11. Re: Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    Do you use an admin install point or just install straight from a CD? If you use admin install points, did you create a separate install point for Outlook 2003? If so, how do you handle updates,...
  12. Running Outlook 2003 with Office XP (XP/2003)

    Does anyone have any experience to share regarding running Outlook 2003 with Office XP? I work for a large company with thousands of users. We currently have Office/Outlook XP installed on our...
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    Re: Blocked Attachements (2002 (SP3))

    Another option would be to do a registry hack. If you don't have one yet, under HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice10.0OutlookSecurity, create a new string value entry with a value name Level1Remove. The...
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    Re: Outlook 2003 Junk Filter (2003/SP1)

    Might you have some kind of rule that would send stuff to the junk folder?
  15. From field/address (Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003)

    I apologize for the post. Not thinking clearly today. <img src=/S/doh.gif border=0 alt=doh width=15 height=15> <img src=/S/confused3.gif border=0 alt=confused3 width=45 height=45>
  16. Re: Ol 2003 Profile Madness (Outlook 2003 on MS Win XP Pro)

    Here's a couple of MS articles that might shed some light to what you are seeing. Q834466 and Q32396.
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    Re: Folder List sort order (Outlook 2002)

    I don't think it has something to do with the mail services. We don't use anything else except for MS Exchange. I agree that this is strictly alphabetical. I have done similar tests and it did the...
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    Folder List sort order (Outlook 2002)

    Here's something that's more of an annoyance rather than a problem. One of our users complained that in her folder list the Public Folders is listed above her Outlook Today (mailbox) folder. ...
  19. Attaching files in meeting requests (Outlook 2K/XP)

    Is there a way to configure Outlook so it prevents users from attaching files to meeting requests?
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    Re: Folder List (Outlook 2000/XP)

    This is when you will use the Outlook Shortcut bar. Just right click and drag any of those frequently used folders to the shortcut bar.
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    Using different versions (XP/2000)

    Does anyone know of possible issues installing and using Office 2000 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with Outlook 2002 on the same machine? Wondering if there would be problems with interoperability,...
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    Re: Office11 Beta 2 not installing (Beta2)

    Try doing a clean install by uninstalling Office on your machine first. To completely uninstall office, run offcln.exe. Do a search on your machine to find the location of this file. After running...
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    Re: Office Viewers (XP SP-1)

    Thanks for the suggestions. We did look at those options. One was converting the file into either PDF or HTML. We actually were leaning more on HTML since not all our machines have acrobat reader....
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    Office Viewers (XP SP-1)

    Need help regarding problem with Office 97/2000 viewers. On the MS download site it shows the viewers as compatible with 95/98/NT. I know we shouldn't but we did anyway. We tried using it on a...
  25. Re: Reapply Service Release after Detect & Repair? (All)

    Do you know which file was repaired? If the repaired file is not one of the files SR-1a replaced, perhaps the service release doesn't have to be re-applied.
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