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    Making a DVR with Win

    I faintly recall one of the columnists mentioning intent to document how to create a DVR with Windows. That was in a WindowsSecrets article, not here in the Lounge.

    Seen that, or something...
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    Making a DVR

    I guess it was months ago that one of the Windows Secrets writers said she would post instructions for a configure-your-own DVR using Windows, or something similar. Where is that?
  3. Yo! Thanks for the suggestions. ...

    Yo! Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. I do computer work in 2 ways: 1 = typical...

    I do computer work in 2 ways:
    1 = typical knowledge worker running multiple MS Office programs + browser tabs, with a premium on user interaction.
    2 = ayptical data mining with CPU-intensive...
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