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  1. OLE Automation Using PERL (Access 2003)

    Hi all:
    I have written a PERL script to parse information from a text file and attempting to store the results into an MS Access database. Note: I am able to 'pull' info from the database using...
  2. Re: Using A Memo Datatype in Recordset (Office 2003)

    Hans, thanks for replying:

    I attached some screenshots of what the results are when I debug, and also the results when it is written to the word document. I don't get an error in the process;...
  3. Using A Memo Datatype in Recordset (Office 2003)

    I am running into a problem updating a word table using recordsets from Access; the datatype is a Memo datatype; Have no problem with the Text datatype fields. Is it impossible to update the word...
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    Run-time error '462' (Word 2003)

    I am experiencing the following when I run my attached routine; it opens an instance of word - does some stuff and closes word. But, when it comes to opening the second word file, I get the...
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    Re: Runtime Error '4608' (Word 2003)

    It simply runs a little more (maybe 30 seconds) and message reappears.
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    Runtime Error '4608' (Word 2003)

    I am running a VBA routine that does some stufff and eventually creates bookmarks. The total number of bookmarks that needs to be created is 234. Via the routine, bookmarks are set as expected; All...
  7. Re: Establishing Cell Range word/paragraph delimiter (Word 2003)

    All, I have been struggling with this problem since yesterday; about to throw my computer out the window or just break down and cry. I to walk down a column cell by cell and tag each line item in...
  8. Re: Establishing Cell Range word/paragraph delimiter (Word 2003)

    I inherited the document and it is used as a source document for which I am doing other things with. Is it prudent to insert a bookmark, if so, how would it be done. For you with vast experience...
  9. Establishing Cell Range word/paragraph delimiter (Word 2003)

    I have been making a vain attempt to establish a paragraph or word delimiter between line items in a cell. I initially thought there would be a paragraph delimeter, but as it turns out there is only...
  10. Referencing Multiple Find Ranges (Word 2003)

    I am attempting to walk through a word table looking at content of two different cells through one iteration. I get what is expected on the first table cell, but it seems as though the range is...
  11. Programmatically Capturing Document Modifications (Word 2003)

    First, I thank everyone for their support, especially Hans. Programming Word can be painstaking and I admit that I only do it if there is no other recourse. Hopefully with Microsoft's strategic...
  12. Trying to send bookmark to Access as a Hyperlink (Word 2003)

    I am within MS Access and opening a word file and doing lots of stuff and finally pulling pieces of info from a Word Document into the MS Access table; all is working well but I am not successful in...
  13. Re: HELP - Problem with Simple Word Task (Ms Word 2003)

    Hans, this works as expected.

    An immense thanks to you and all others

  14. Re: HELP - Problem with Simple Word Task (Ms Word

    Yes, I added some code to change the period (.) and dashes (-) to underscores. This worked for each of the cell items. But for the last cell item when I go to the bookmark, it highlights the...
  15. Re: HELP - Problem with Simple Word Task (Ms Word 2003)

    Hans are anyone who can help:

    The code that you recommend using worked, however when I add a line of to add a bookmark, the "Add bookmark method fails". I cursor over both strText and par.Range...
  16. HELP - Problem with Simple Word Task (Ms Word 2003)

    I have spent an good deal of time trying to get the following code to select each item in a word table cell, but no luck yet. Would someone please take a look at this and hopefully provide insight? ...
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