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    On the outside chance....

    I notice you are using CD-RW discs. Is it possible that Windows 7 Back-up & Restore will not play nice with RW discs and wants you to use write-only discs?

    I readlily admit this is a wild guess...
  2. My two cents


    "The only other issue i have is sometimes my computer would glitch out while doing something with graphics and the sound would sound like bass from a techno song and everything would go...
  3. A friend was complaining about his computer...

    A friend was complaining about his computer slowing down whether surfing the net, playing his favorite game or online trading. Using Task Manager I found that Kaspersky (the full suite) running up...
  4. (... ( ) has a couple of manuals on Facebook that are free to download. They might or might not prove to be useful. I believe you need to sign up...
  5. OEM and Retail?

    Thank you.
  6. OEM and Retail?

    Ted, if I may, will this iso work with both the OEM and Retail versions of Windows 7?
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