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  1. Outlook 2016 on a new Dell- Can't import a PST file and reinstall issues

    Hi there.
    I have a brand new Dell with Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit. I installed Office 2016 Home and Business. I had set up my account in Outlook and was receiving mail. I wanted to import my PST file...
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    Software- compressing .pst file

    I am trying to solve a large problem on a friends computer and I need some help. I want to run some compression software that will compress the file as well as move the attachments to another...
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    Check Writing Software

    I am looking for software that writes checks. I work in a small company and we write lots of rebate checks for up to $4.00. I would like it to be simple and I want it to be able to write checks...
  4. Sometimes trouble sending in Outlook 2010

    I am having trouble with my Outlook sending some email. I am trying to send an email with 3 attachments to multiple addresses and it gets stuck in the outbox and i get the message "connection to...
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    Thanks all for the help. With some work, I seem...

    Thanks all for the help. With some work, I seem to be back up and running. I think upgrading to W7 is out now. Just to afraid of more issues. Thanks again to all!!
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    I will follow up, but wanted you to know that I...

    I will follow up, but wanted you to know that I was able to boot into safe mode and chose to use last good configuration. I am now in Vista with SP1, but, for instance, none of my MS Office programs...
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    Vista nightmare stops upgrade to Win7

    I wanted to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. The upgrade disk said I needed to download Vista SP1 first. i did that and when I started the upgrade again, it told me there were corrupt file and I...
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