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    Calculate FTE in OLAP cube (2003)

    In the OLAP cube I want to calculate from work, the number of FTEs the work requires. I would do this by dividing total work for a month by (let's say for example) 172 hours ...that would give me...
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    OLAP Cube Robust? (Project Pro 2003 EPM)

    I am using the Enterprise solution and want to generate reports using Crystal Reports connected to the OLAP cube. The portfolio Analyzer gives some simple pivot. Does anyone have good examples how...
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    Re: lookup with date ranges (2000)

    John, thanks for the update, 1 question I have...the format of your vlookup I understand up until the (.........$d$3,3,1)? What is the 3,1 doing, if you don't mind explaining...thanks much.
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    lookup with date ranges (2000)

    I want to lookup a date, my lookup table has date ranges and I want to return the value if my date is between the specified date range, inclusive.

    For example... I have July 1, 2004 as my...
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    Meter symbols Hi, Medium Low (2000)

    I want to yse some clip art that will display a meter-like symbol for varying levels of usage of a value. That is, I want to create a stop light type report, using various symbols to indicate the...
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    Re: Copying Schedule to MS Word (Project 2002)

    On your tool bar there is a Camera icon (Copy Picture). Select what you want copied, use the Camera icon to create a GIF file, which you can insert into your Word document. We create a monthly...
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    Pivot Tables with Dates (2000)

    I have a large set of data, from which I am creating pivot tables. It works great except for formatting date fields...seems I want to format the date column to be MMM-YY when I format it and then...
  8. Re: Wrong User update Project Central from Proj. 2000 (Project 2000)

    Gary, the only options I found were to go into Server Mode and find the duplicate project and messages and delete the second duplicate...seems they are listed in date created order, so we are fairly...
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    Database connectivity (2000)

    My goal is to connect to an enterprise database , through excel and query the database and generate extracted data from which I can generate pivot charts that I want to post to our intranet and let...
  10. Project Central - delete from Database option (MS Project Central 2000)

    I am trying to delete either projects or messages for specific users in Project Central. When I go into Server Mode, as the administrator to do this task...I find that the scroll bar window that...
  11. calculate weekdays between two dates (MS Excel 2000)

    I have two dates in a spread sheet and I am trying to calculate the number of days between the two days, but excluding weekend days. Any ideas on how to pull that off?

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    Re: Exporting Work Hours (2000)

    The easiest way to remove the 'hrs' from your hours data is to 1) export your Project Data into Excel 2) highlight the column where you want the 'hrs' removed. 3) Choose Data from the Menu bar 4)...
  13. Re: last column with text copy to next column (2000)

    Thanks for the reply Steve, but I am getting a REF error when I enter the formula.

    Maybe I missed something on the (confirm with ctrl-shift enter) part of your help. Can you explain a bit more.
  14. last column with text copy to next column (2000)

    I have huge spreadsheet extracted from MS Project, with multiple columns of data with Task Names. Let's say Columns A,B,C and D contain task info. Some of the columns contain blanks, always...
  15. Wrong User update Project Central from Proj. 2000 (Project 2000)

    In helping out another project manager in processing
    messages in their Project Central Project Manager 1
    mailbox, we inadvertenly used my user name Project Manager
    2 to process the messages and...
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    TiVo to DVD format

    I am looking for a setup to take items stored on my TiVo and rather than export to a VHS tape, I want to output to a DVD writer and store my saved programs in DVD format. I have two unused USB ports...
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    Re: Looking for a VBA Yoda (VBA)

    Thanks, found it and ordered it. You are a good Yoda!
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    Looking for a VBA Yoda (VBA)

    I work in Excel quite extensively and would like to learn more about how to enhance my spreadsheets with VBA. Can anyone recommend a book or site to a beginner on how to use VBA and how it works. A...
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