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  1. OpenXML dll won't register (Word 2007/VBA)


    I've installed the Microsoft SDK for Open XML and according to the help file all I need to do to access it in VBA is select it from the references dialog box in the VBE.
    It doesn't...
  2. Re: Revisit to Trapping Keystrokes In A Document (Word 2003/2007 VBA)

    Boy was I on the wrong track! Thanks Hans.
  3. Revisit to Trapping Keystrokes In A Document (Word 2003/2007 VBA)


    I need to write a VBA event handler to trap the return and tab keys in Word.
    Though I can cope with using simple API calls as such, I am totally lost when it comes to trying to...
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    Re: Dual-monitors and Word (2002)

    I've got dual monitors and have had no problems whatsoever, they act as one large desktop. Perhaps your video card is the problem. Could your system be trying to open Word in BOTH the monitors (as if...
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    Re: API calls from VBA (Word 2003)

    You are a Wise, hands on kinda guy.
    I'm going to try that out thanks.
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    Re: API calls from VBA (Word 2003)

    I was using the following API call;

    Public Declare Function SetTimer Lib "user32" ( _
    ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nIDEvent As Long, ByVal uElapse As Long, ByVal lpTimerFunc As Long) As Long
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    API calls from VBA (Word 2003)

    Greetings All

    I'm using a API timer to periodically scan a folder. Unfortunately I don't know how to get a handle on the timer. As a result i can't kill the timer after I've finished with it so it...
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    Re: Publication Template (2003)

    Have you looked at Microsoft OneNote? Its really at its best on a tablet PC but for jotting down ideas and then organising them it does beat a more structured product like Word.
  9. Re: Numbered style restart numbering (Word XP)

    Use outline numbering, make the style that triggers renumbering a level 1.
  10. Re: Sreentips - on my custom toolbars how do i edi

    Controls(NumericIndex). is the easiest way to access a control becouse its a straight 1 based index.
    First control is 1 etc.
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    Re: FrameMaker VB6/Scripting (VB6)

    Thanks for the reply Gray,

    I'm hitting Google, and every other source that I can think of. Info from Mekon (& everywhere else for that matter is pretty thin). I was hoping to find code samples but...
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    FrameMaker VB6/Scripting (VB6)

    Greetings all,
    I'm going to be using Mekons FrameAC to do VB Scripting and VB6 plug-ins for FrameMaker 7 <img src=/S/boxedin.gif border=0 alt=boxedin width=25 height=20> .
    As I'm primarily a...
  13. Re: How to Lower characters in equations (Word 2000 SR 1)

    I'm not sure wether this is what you're after or not but you can use the EQ field to displace/overwrite characters.
    Judith M{ EQ Sİ}Name would give you a superscript and you can format this...
  14. Re: Creating code in a .doc (Word 2000-97 PC-MAC)

    Granted that its probably better not to have code run by the document, but what about putting the code in the Document_Open procedure of the documents ThisDocument module?
  15. Re: Apply Template to Existing Document (Word 2002 SP3)


    That depends on the structure of the documents and how deep into VBA you're willing to go. I've automated a similar problem but across
    multiple variants of several templates. Things can get...
  16. Cursor , cursor where are you (Word XP/2003)

    Greetings all,

    I need to know exactly where on the page a selection/cursor is. I've tried the Selection.Information using both wdHorizontalPositionRelativeToPage &...
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    Re: Find (not) styles (2002)

    I guess this response falls into the whatever category.

    The attachment is a Word doc that carries a module that 'colours' documents. The background of it was a conversion /translation utility that...
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    Re: Find (not) styles (2002)

    As far as I know <img src=/S/crossfingers.gif border=0 alt=crossfingers width=17 height=16> Word only allows a continuous(unbroken) range to be selected.
    If thats correct then there can't be...
  19. Re: Calling a procedure in a module from a user form (Word 2003 VBA)

    oops <img src=/S/blush.gif border=0 alt=blush width=15 height=15> I forgot to attach the Word Doc sorry ...
  20. Re: Calling a procedure in a module from a user form (Word 2003 VBA)

    I got it to work in Word 2003 by;
    In the form itself I used a commandbutton to launch it, and initialized objForm =Me

    Public objForm As Object

    Public Sub CommandButton1_Click()
  21. Re: Macro to insert italicized '' '' (Word 2002)

    What about using a button to toggle the state.
    For example;
    First press Checks a custom property if its ON or non-existant then create it and give it an ON value
    This coincides with the...
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    Re: Validation on a Created Form (2000)

    Just to add a thought to this post,

    In "Word for Dummies" terms, this is nice and 'elegant', but maybe a bit short on explaination.

    the line CheckBox1.Visible = (strChoice = "One") means
  23. Re: Replace styles and then some (Word 2000/XP)

    Thats not an uncommon attitude for a user to take. I've found that nothing annoys a user more than a button that doesn't appear to do anything.
    At least if they can see something happening they'll...
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    Re: Word styles (W97 & WXP)

    Firstly I agree completely with your views on avoiding the inbuilt Heading styles and either start from no style, or a specifically created inhouse base style.

    If you have documents...
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    Re: Words Version Control (Word 2002/03)


    Thats exactly what I did, but Word wouldn't display the selected earlier version.
    I'm going to delete these previous versions (they're not much use if I can't use 'em <img src=/S/frown.gif...
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