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    Since yesterday, I've not been able to print from...

    Since yesterday, I've not been able to print from Firefox. It just prints blank pages. This occurs on two computers running WTP. Have you noticed anything like this?
    Pat Dennis
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    Click me through, please!

    Is there an application that will take a typical web feature such as, "The 12 Most Embarrassing Facebook Posts EVER!" and click through it automatically, displaying each of the twelve in a separate...
  3. Slipstream XP install disk

    I can't find a thread for the "slipstream" comment, but I'd like to disagree, in part. The reader should be warned that the "image" option will probably only be useful if he restores onto the same...
  4. Your opinion please: Has Windows 8 anything to offer this desktop user?

    Moderately tech-savy, I've jumped at every new thing as quickly as I could find a beta. Installing and running Win 95 for the first time was a high I still remember. I went back and forth to Linux...
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    From the original story: "Windows 8 changes...

    From the original story: "Windows 8 changes updating in two ways. First, Windows Update will consolidate updates that need a system restart (regardless of when they came out during the month) and...
  6. I'm about to install Win 7 Home Premium onto a...

    I'm about to install Win 7 Home Premium onto a new machine having two hard disks. I'd like to use Dick's option of OS on C: and Data on D: . Is there a way to do the install so that Win 7 conforms...
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