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    Symbols not keeping current formatting

    I have a user who often uses short cut keys to enter in special characters when he is typing a document in French. What we are seeing is that the inserted symbol is not maintaining the same format as...
  2. Office 2007 / Double Click does not 'Open' file (2007 )

    I have a weird issue going on with Office 2007 (Word, Excel). At times when working from Windows Explorer and I double click a file it opens the program but NOT the file. The second time that I...
  3. Word / Excel Macros (Office Suite 2003)

    My firm had a Word template being used to full out Travel Expense Report. I create a new template for us in Excel. The managing partner took things a step further and wants the following:

    For the...
  4. Word / Adobe Printing Problem (Word 2003 Adobe 7.0)

    I am experiencing a really strange issue when attempting to print a Word 2003 doc to Adobe 7.0. The word doc has some mark-ups in it through Track Changes, with the settings being for it strike...
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