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    Did you have any success, MauryS?
    My experience is that you may have to let you new machine reboot with the old disk in it quite a few times to get it happy. If it has the internet connected and the...
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    Another thing you might like to try is a little...

    Another thing you might like to try is a little utility I've had luck with lately. It may have been that my hardened belt had been exercised sufficiently so that the next attempt simply succeeded, or...
  3. [Maybe it would be worth changing the Subject...

    [Maybe it would be worth changing the Subject line by appending 'False Positive - Offline' to save us reading through the whole page....]
  4. ClocX Too

    FWIW, I use ClocX too, for simple alarms, and, because its clock has a transparency setting, I use it as an on-screen, on-top, click-through, clock - that isn't really there.
    I set it to a certain...
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