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  1. Hi Macropod, There are no fields in the...

    Hi Macropod,

    There are no fields in the footer. There is simply a table that doesn't show up in tracked changes Final view but it does show up after all tracked changes have been accepted.
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply. The extra...

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. The extra footer table is not in a field, it's in the footer. Unless footers are fields, which is something I haven't heard before.
  3. Extra footer table not visible in tracked changes Final view, only visible once all changes accepted

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a Word 2010 template with tracked changes. The template has a table in the footer. The template looks fine in Final view (without showing mark up). But when I turn off...
  4. Judith, you've fixed it! :D

    Judith, you've fixed it! :D
  5. Mirror margins don't work in multisection document with mixed orientation

    Hi there,

    In our research, we've come across the following:

    In a document with multiple sections, with the following Page Layout...
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