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    NetMeeting color resolution

    I recently saw some documentation from a VTC h/w manufacturer that alluded to a limit of 256-color support imposed by T.120 and NetMeeting. This was news to me. I searched the MSKB, the NetMeeting...
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    Re: How to check for hotmail account?

    Thanks, Mark, for your quick reply. My post was lacking in that I did not indicate that I had done the minimum leg work myself (i.e. I did read the article). My concern is that I have signed up for...
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    How to check for hotmail account?

    <P ID="edit" class=small>Edited by WyllyWylly on 22-May-02 16:00.</P>

    An alarming story in WWW regarding Microsoft taking liberties with...
  4. Problems installing SQL2000 client on Win98SE

    When attempting to install I get the following error:

    An internal error has occurred on C:WINDOWSTEMP.INS. Unable to load installation instructions.
    Error 703.

    Checked MSKB SQL2000 Install...
  5. EX2K Security patch executable file (EX2K)

    I saw one thread that raised a question about the version of Excel their system indicated after installing the patch. I have not yet run the executable that I just downloaded, but I'm a little bit...
  6. Re: Lack of MS Support for Excel 97 (Excel 97)

    FYI I found out about the security hole from the WOW Tips newsletter today, so, yes, Woody is on the trail (whether he's terribly concerned about us users of the "old" versions of Office products,...
  7. Re: Lack of MS Support for Excel 97 (Excel 97)


    While it feels good to vent this, I wonder what is the most effective forum to direct these observations. I have come to understand that the WOW crew has unique visibilty...
  8. IE5.5, SP2 Link Save As problem (IE5.5/SP2)

    When I right-click on a link and select Save As (for instance to download a linked .ppt file) by default my browser looks for a network drive where I usually save this stuff. However the destination...
  9. XL97 question on generating random numbers

    How do I generate random numbers 0-9 in ten adjacent cells, such that each number appears exactly once? TIA. Joe
  10. How do you send an anonymous e-mail in OL97

    Any ideas greatly appreciated. I checked Outlook Help, which says you can toggle whether the From field is visible in the View menu, but this is not what I want to do. I want the recipients not to...
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