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  1. Can I copy Windows 8.1 setup from one user to another on the same computer??

    After spending a few hours with Lincoln Spector's great article on setting up a Windows 8.1 PC, but getting ahead of him in a few places, I found that I personalized my husband's online account,...
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    Can you point me to instructions for doing so, or...

    Can you point me to instructions for doing so, or are the 2003 instructions on the wordpress site still good?
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    Updates (KB 2836939 and ...40) won't update

    Vista 64 bit. The problem children are .NET updates, and a couple of years ago I couldn't get a .NET update to load. Eventually the computer quit nagging me about it. Now I am prompted to run Windows...
  4. Thanks for the reassurance, but last year I...

    Thanks for the reassurance, but last year I downloaded a map update from Garmin and it wiped out all of my USB ports. I called Garmin and a very helpful tech person admitted that this had happened to...
  5. how do I reestablish my USB ports now tht I have only usb keyboard and mous

    O.K., so I worry too much. But I did have all of my usb ports disappear one time in Vista. I found help to re-establish them (there was a technical term for this but I have forgotten it). I needed...
  6. Should I have privacy concerns with Hotmail and Gmail? If so, what to do?

    I do not want to be part of a social network, or to give personal information to Microsoft or Google for them to use to tailor search results and do whatever else they want. On the other hand, I...
  7. Dear StuartR, I have reluctantly come to the...

    Dear StuartR,

    I have reluctantly come to the same conclusion you did. I ran scr/scannnow, and it stopped at 14% of the disk. We'll take it back to Best Buy and get it checked out. They say they...
  8. We have Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba laptop. I...

    We have Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba laptop. I ran Update, which said Vista had never been updated. This was a bit of a warning, since I have installed updates every few weeks. Windows said I had...
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    W95 virus scan and removal?

    Is there still software out there for scanning and virus removal for W95? My cousin uses W95 almost entirely for email and word processing, extremely little web browsing (his daughter's...
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    Re: rotate text (word 2000)

    Dear Loungers,

    Thank you to all of you. My problem is solved. i don't know how I missed the command to Format|text orientation in a text box. I used the first suggestion, a table cell, which...
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    rotate text (word 2000)

    The subject line says it all. I can use WordArt and rotate text, but all I want is the plain font as a vertical up the left side of the page with horizontal text on the page. I imagine I'll have to...
  12. Re: I've messed up my Hotmail Birthdate! (IE 5.5)

    Maybe it doesn't matter -- I see to be able to do everything I could before, and as a person born in 2000 I'm still getting spam about ** Spam post - please alert a Moderator ** and various...
  13. I've messed up my Hotmail Birthdate! (IE 5.5)

    Dear Group,

    I know this is slightly off- topic, but I hope someone can help. I read Woody's Windows Watch today and went in to uncheck the boxes on my Hotmail account. I inadvertenly changed my...
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    unanimate clippy? (Word 2000)

    I'll bet this has ben treated already, but I scrolled back through a few hundred posts without finding it -- I'd kinda like to keep Clippy, if he would just be still. In the older versions of Word I...
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    Installing Laserjet 4p

    My Laserjet IIp died and I got a lovely 4p. I have so far been unable to print to it with Windows ME. I installed the driver that came with ME, and followed the instructions on the HP Web site to...
  16. Stopping a loop at the end of a Word document (Word 2000)

    I feel really dumb; there must be an easy answer to this one. I need to test each line of a file to see if it begins with a number from 0 to2 and delete the lines that begin with any other character...
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    Booklet printing in Word 2000 (Word 2000)

    I would like to put my address book in Word 2000. I know I can use Outlook, but my home address book has lots of "assorted" data (kid's birthdays for some folks, work phone for others), and Outlook...
  18. Can I use Win98 personal Web Server with WinME?

    I am running Windows 98, but plan to get a new computer with ME. I want to use ColdFusion Express, which requires that a Personal Web Server be installed. Can I use the Personal Web Server from the...
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    Re: ME and Personal Web Server

    Thank you for the suggestions. I do not have FrontPage, and using the NT PWS sounds daunting. Does anyone know if I can use the Personal Web Server that ships with Windows 98? I have that one on my...
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    ME and Personal Web Server

    I am running Windows 98, but plan to get a new computer with ME. I understand that Microsoft has protected users from the hazards of Personal Web Server with the release of Windows ME. I think I...
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