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  1. Re: contacts show here but not there (Outlook 2003

    Whoops! Sorry I didn't get back more quickly. Yep, new profile seemed to clear out the dupe folders and the Distribution lists now show in the contacts list when you click the address list icon...
  2. Re: contacts show here but not there (Outlook 2003

    Hmmm. And then import the data from the old profile somehow? I'll have to look into that.
  3. Re: contacts show here but not there (Outlook 2003

    Thanks for the input.

    I had found #1 on the slipstick site. Unfortunately has had no effect.

    Both of the Personal Folders have the 'close' item greyed out.
  4. contacts show here but not there (Outlook 2003)

    I haven't had to deal with Outlook since I retired a few years ago but the church admin uses it and I'm trying to help out with a problem which has appeared since we implemented a domain based...
  5. Re: automation error, missing (Win XP Word

    The End of the Story

    Well, based on the impression from the two new programs that they simply could not see Outlook, I decided to take action. I had already done a repair install of Office 2003...
  6. Re: automation error, missing (Win XP Word

    Hi. Hope you haven't retired and run off to Zanzibar. Still need your help with this one.

    Yes, as you suggested I did the repair for Office (both 2000 and 2003). Still My Outlook Calendar...
  7. Re: automation error, missing (Win XP Word

    Sorry for the time lag. Weekend break and other worldly things.

    The stop button (actually, it says break) is greyed out. If I disable the macros, References is active but it asks for a Password...
  8. Re: automation error, missing (Win XP Word

    References is greyed out. I tried clicking all around in the Tree View to see if something would make References available but no change.
  9. Re: automation error, missing (Win XP Word 200

    Yes, both those modules are present. What debug shows when it pops up is this:

    Public Sub Autonew()
    Application.StatusBar = "Initializing. Please Wait..."
    End Sub
  10. automation error, missing (Win XP Word 200

    (Edited by HansV to make URL clickable - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>)

    We use a very old macro from slipstick call My Outlook Calendar ( that makes a...
  11. Re: Word 2003 asks for Word 2000 disk 2 (Office 20

    Tried that today. Office 2003 indicates that it has loaded everything that it comes with. Still wants Office 2000 disk 2. Still won't accept it.

  12. Word 2003 asks for Word 2000 disk 2 (Office 2003 Basic)

    The church office computers have a mix of Office 2000 and Office 2003. Some machines have both. Recently one of the secretaries was trying to do a Word 2003 mailmerge using an Excel file provided...
  13. Re: Prob network sharing .pub files (Pub 2000, Win

    Thank you, John. It is a small blessing to know that at least I am not alone.
  14. Prob network sharing .pub files (Pub 2000, WinXP)

    I have this posted in a network forum but haven't gotten any answers yet. Hoping someone here might have a clue.

    This is weirder than necessary but, since it's Windows, I suppose it cannot really...
  15. Re: Row height won't expand for imported text (Exc

    Thanks to Hans, I have an understanding of the problem and a possible macro based solution. Interesting discovering the limitations and quirks of various programs.

    As always, the Lounge and the...
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    Re: Wrap Text in Merged Cells (Office 97)

    HI. Hans pointed me to this discussion after I had a text wrap question. I had created a file in OpenOffice and then saved it in .xls format and was surprised that Excel did not show the wrapped...
  17. Re: Row height won't expand for imported text (Exc

    Interesting. The attached file has several rows as illustration. Only one of the rows is acting up as previously described. Others seem OK. Look at row 6. Note that you cannot see the text...
  18. Row height won't expand for imported text (Excel 2003)

    I have a spreadsheet, xls format, created in OpenOffice. It has multiple lines of merged cells set to text format and line wrap. In OOo it looks fine, the rows are autoexpanded to show all the...
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    Re: Graphics optimize? (Pub 2000/2003)

    Oh, that's incredible. Exactly what I needed. Reduced an 11MB .pub to 450K.

    Now why did they hide that?

    Thank you so much for showing it to me.
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    Graphics optimize? (Pub 2000/2003)

    Word 2003 has a wonderful function which goes through an entire document and optimizes graphics for the file. Often this reduces a 30MB file to a 2 MB file or less. Does anyone know of such a...
  21. Embed target='_blank' in hyperlink (Word 2000/2003)

    When inserting a hyperlink into a word document that is later to be saved as HTML, is there a way to embed the target="_blank" property in the hyperlink? This would cause a new window to open with...
  22. Publisher to PDF optimizing graphics (Pub 2000/200

    In converting Publisher documents to PDF for use on our church website, I find that some of the resulting documents are huge. The cause is not hard to find, it is the embedded graphics. The maker...
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    Register macros (Word 2003) ( is a great template for making an Outlook calendar publishable. Somewhat old but works great in Word 2003. But I can't find...
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    Re: Make a Send Later button (OE6)

    Well, I discovered that you could change the default send action to be Send Later and that serves the purpose.
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    Make a Send Later button (OE6)

    Is there a way to add a Send Later button to the New Message button bar?

    Alternatively, is there a way to change the function of the Send button to Send Later?

    Or a way to create a keystroke...
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