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  1. Mail

    I use Their cheapest offering is about $15 (US)/yr
    my domain name, easy to set up, and lots of options
  2. One Problem with gmail

    If you send email using another address (e.g. woody [at] askwoody [dot com]), it will send it, but sooner or later, you will send one to someone whose ISP will filter it out as spam. Something in...
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    Office icons

    SP SP3, MS Office 2007
    I log in at work to a network. When I take the laptop home, I log in locally. It doesn't matter where I am, every time I log in as a different user (one at work, the other...
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    Get Office icons off desktop

    Everybody seems worried about losing their office icons, but I can't get rid of mine. Every time a different user logs in, the office shortcuts show up on the desktop. I don't mind them on the...
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