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  1. Excel 2002 Pivot Table Non-Zero Averages (2002 SP2)

    Is it possible to get "non-zero" averages in an Excel Pivot Table? The attached file will probably explain it better than I can! The desired result would be for the pivot table to return the...
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    Pivot Table Help (Excel 2000 SR1)

    How can I add formatted lines to pivot table main data. I can add lines in through formatting, however, once the data is refreshed the formatting disappears. I have also tried using the canned...
  3. Virus Control Message PopUp (PowerPoint 2000)

    When clicking on a link in a PPT slideshow that should automatically lauch Windows Explorer to display files, I get this following error message popup prior to seeing the list of files...does anyone...
  4. Dynamic Web Image in Slideshow (PowerPoint 2000)

    I'm not even sure if something like this is possible, but so far I haven't had luck coming up with a solution...perhaps someone here could help me out.

    What I'm trying to do is add an image to a...
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    Re: Copy Sheets Failed (Excel 2000)

    Thanks Hans and the Project Explorer, the sheet names are all a max of 3 characters after the word 'sheet'.

    I'll see if I can recreate this problem in a non-confidential workbook, and...
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    Copy Sheets Failed (Excel 2000)

    Howdy...I figure I'm either bumping up into some limitations in Excel, or (more likely) some limitations in my coding ability! Perhaps someone in the Lounge could help...

    I have a spreadsheet...
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    Network Favourites

    Could anyone recommend a utility to manage Favourites (URLs) across a network?

    My Favorites files have come to grow way too large, yet I cannot afford to delete them as they are very important. ...
  8. Re: Rank Formula with Constraints (Excel 2000 SR-1

    Brilliant! Thank you very much for your insight - it worked perfectly, has saved considerable time, and has now encouraged me to learn more about indirect and match.

    Thanks, Aladin!
  9. Rank Formula with Constraints (Excel 2000 SR-1)

    Perhaps there's an easy way to do ranking with constraints - I have a number of stores each having 3 products and need to find a way to do two rankings. The first would be to rank the products...
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    Migrating Rules to New PC (OE5/OE6)

    I've managed to migrate my messages and address book from Outlook Express 5 on my old computer to OE6 on the new computer, but I can't for the life of me, figure out how to migrate the Rules I had...
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    Re: Using Variable in Worksheets (2000 SR1)

    Thanks, Legere. This almost worked perfectly - once I changed it to

    Worksheets("" & Store.Value & "").Range...

    it ran like a charm! You've helped me save my team about 15 hours of manual data...
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    Using Variable in Worksheets (2000 SR1)

    I'm trying to figure out a way to use variables in the Worksheets( code below, rather than having to hard-code the sheet name. The list of sheets to be used is found on another spreadsheet.

  13. Re: Counting Non-Zero Values (with a twist!) (Excel 2000 S

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! Once again, Loungers save the day...thank you both very much!
  14. Re: Counting Non-Zero Values (with a twist!) (Excel 20

    No, Mike - I think it is I that is being challenged with old age!! Sorry about that folks...

    Hopefully this time the attachment will work...
  15. Counting Non-Zero Values (with a twist!) (Excel 2000 S

    I'm sure this is a pretty easy question for the experts, but it has me stumped. The attached sheet shows what I'm trying to do - basically within a series of data, count the number of weeks from the...
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    Re: Grouping of Characters Macro

    Thank you both for the help on this one! The sample code worked like a charm - and provides a great starting point for me to do some more VBA exploring on my own!


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    Grouping of Characters Macro

    I suspect this will be a no-brainer for many of you, but it has me scratching my head (never done a macro in Word yet, but very eager to learn!)

    What I'd like to be able to do is select a series...
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    Conditional Page Breaks

    Is there an easy way in an Access 2000 report to force a page break based on a change in a field value? My simple report has a field in the Header called Store Nbr, and I'd like each Store to print...
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