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  1. Re: Report/Subreport/Recordset Question (Access2K/Win2K)

    Hi Francois

    "If you want a list of all items with number that have been sold for each one, create a new subreport based on a new total query end put it in the report footer."

    I tried this but...
  2. Re: Report/Subreport/Recordset Question (Access2K/Win2K)

    Cool! I got that working, thank you. I have now learned how to link the report and subreports!

    Can i modify this to be able to list the various different products sold with their respective...
  3. Report/Subreport/Recordset Question (Access2K/Win2K)

    I have a monthly sales report, with a subreport, much like the Orders form in Northwind.

    The report recordsource is a query, and the subreport's recordsource is another query with OrderID linking...
  4. Re: Cancel New Record - Best Practice (Access2K/Win2K)


    Yes, you've got it in one when you ask about having moved to the subform!! There is no warning that the parent record has been saved.

    I know by that point a user should not want to...
  5. Cancel New Record - Best Practice (Access2K/Win2K)

    OK, so considering the functionality i have been able to produce in Access over the years, this sounds a really silly question, but you don't learn if you don't ask :-)

    Form limited to data entry...
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    Question on Design?? (Access2K/Win2K)

    I have a sales/marketing database for my business well under construction. I have it entering orders, prinitng out invoices via Word etc. All working to plan.

    I have a table to hold data of...
  7. Re: Totalling Listbox Values (Access2K/Win2K)

    DSUM did the job perfectly...

    I'm trying to do a count of the rows in the same listbox.. I'm tring to use DCOUNT but i think i am not referencing the listbox correctly??
  8. Totalling Listbox Values (Access2K/Win2K)

    Not sure if this is possible...

    Listbox on a form.. Two columns.. OrderdID and ShippingCost
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    Re: DatePart or Format?? (Access2K/Win2K)

    And it does! Thank you!

    I am fairly sure this is an unrelated problem, as your suggestion works in a small test qry.

    When i try to use the form/cbobox as the criteria in the report's query, it...
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    DatePart or Format?? (Access2K/Win2K)

    I have a monthly report.

    I'd like to open it from a Reports switchboard, via a parameter form, where i choose the month. I have built the switchboard, and the parameter form, and a combobox looks...
  11. Re: Form Design - Basic Question (Sort of..) (Access2K)

    Doh!!! Thank you!!

    I set up the row source ok.... and I have to admit i did not read (correctly) your binding the combo box to the ID field.... Now it works!!!!

    Thank you again!!!
  12. Re: Form Design - Basic Question (Sort of..) (Access2K)


    Thank you for your time in replying. I am understanding what yousay, and think i became confused when i realised the source for the combo box would be different to that of the form.

  13. Re: Form Design - Basic Question (Sort of..) (Access2K)

    Ok, so am i trying to complicate things here??

    Looking at it again, i guess i should do a lookup in the tblCustomers to retrieve the name and address etc. Then should i bind the form to a query...
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    Re: View the latest comment (2k)

    Hi. Could you not have a field in the comments table that hols the date and time the comment was added... Then look for the comment with the most recent date....
  15. Form Design - Basic Question (Sort of..) (Access2K)

    Ok, sales database. 3 tables - tblCustomers, tblOrders and tblOrderDetails.

    I want to be able to open a form, combo box to select customer, which fills in name, address etc... Similar to Orders...
  16. Re: Creating Word Doc from Access (Win2K/Office2K)

    Thanks, you're a star!! And my PC is still in one piece - though it was getting close, lol...

    So its a bug, or at the very least a very poorly documented feature....
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    Re: Julian Date return (VB Scripting)

    Not sure if this helps, but got this from an astronomy friend:

    Public Function jnow() As Variant

    'change the 1 to 0 in line 2 to get just day
    'This function takes the current date and returns...
  18. Re: Creating Word Doc from Access (Win2K/Office2K)

    OK, to answer your first question, no it is not correct in the doc's properties. It is the rounded up figure as displayed in the field.

    Other info. that might help:

    The code in the field: ...
  19. Re: Creating Word Doc from Access (Win2K/Office2K)

    Thanks!! Doh!!

    "the new row will have the same border properties as the one above it" did it! Can't believe i didn't see that!!

    OK, one other problem that is driving me completely nuts.........
  20. Creating Word Doc from Access (Win2K/Office2K)


    I'm in the process of writing a sales database, and constructing the Word Doc that will become the Invoice.

    I've got it all working using DocProperty etc. BUT

    When a new row is added in...
  21. Re: DOCPROPERTY will not work! (Win2kSP4/Office2KSP3)

    OK, some more info...

    Still not working so have tried deleting all references, rebooting, and reattaching them. - no difference.

    I have used some debug.print commands and worked out that the...
  22. Re: DOCPROPERTY will not work! (Win2kSP4/Office2KSP3)

    OK< to be more precise, i do have msword9.olb.
  23. Re: DOCPROPERTY will not work! (Win2kSP4/Office2KSP3)

    I assume you meant msword.olb. No, i do not have it installed anywhere on my system.

    Should i need it?? Is there somewhere i can download it??
  24. Re: DOCPROPERTY will not work! (Win2kSP4/Office2KSP3)

    Now not even the typetext works.....

    BTW, i am running Office 2k with Outlook 2002
  25. Re: DOCPROPERTY will not work! (Win2kSP4/Office2KSP3)

    I've added the only reference i did not have compared to your screen shot, MS Office, and still no joy... :-(
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