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    The AutoText add-in is just a standard Word...

    The AutoText add-in is just a standard Word template with AutoText entries stored in it - absolutely no code. The majority of these AutoText entries are used by macros to insert the text into the...
  2. Re: Combine documents same style names (Word 2003)

    In MY opinion, it would be better to have all the headings, etc look the same. And yes, I would like to keep these as separate documents. I have even suggested PDFing the documents and then combining...
  3. Combine documents same style names (Word 2003)

    I have a user with 3 different and very long documents. Each document was carefully formatted using common styles such as Heading 1, 2, 3, Body Text, Body Text indent. There are many common style...
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    Re: Publish a View (Outlook 2003/SP 2)

    Sorry I did not respond to this sooner. I am on an Exchange Server and the File, Folder Copy worked great. Thank you!
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    Re: Formula Troubles (Excel 2003/SP2)

    The circular ref is in C2. You use the range name 'requested' in your formula and 'requested' includes C2.

    Here is my initial thought. Simplify it just a little bit. For the formulas in C & D,...
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    Publish a View (Outlook 2003/SP 2)

    Is there a way to publish a custom view so that all users can see the view in their own Outlook calendar?
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    Exchange 2003 Mailbox Manager

    I want to start using the Exchange Mailbox Manager to start cleaning out some mailboxes. I want to start with Deleted Items over 1 year and then go from there.

    However, I just finished dealing...
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    Re: Playing music (2003)

    After inserting the sound file, on the custom animation task pane, select the "effect options" for the sound file. In the stop playing section, change it to Stop playing "after xx slides". I usually...
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    Re: Text or Number? (Word 2003)

    Because I am talking about the filename, I can't check for a date such as the format you suggest. The format we are trying to enforce is YYMMDD. So I am checking isnumeric on the first 2 digits, >0...
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    Text or Number? (Word 2003)

    I am working on a project to get my users to save with a consistent naming format stating with yymmdd (060306). I am planning to do this by distributing a macro FileSaveAs. This will automatically...
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    Re: 'ReplyWith' download (Outllook 2003)

    Without Word as the editor, I have used "signatures" for this type of thing. Create a signature called reorder. Start your email, click on Insert, Signature, select reorder and there is your generic...
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    Re: Advanced Find (Outlook 2000)

    If I am not mistaken, the 'default' location is the folder you are in when you access Advanced Find. If you are in the top folder - advanced find will default to this.
  13. Re: Processing Outlook Calendar entries (2002 SP3)

    One of the limitations of the Export function is that you can not export from a public folder. (Another is that you can not export custom fields. Both of these limitations can be overcome with VBA...
  14. Re: Outlook 2003 Spellcheck (2003 11.6568.6568)

    The setting difference is that you are using Word as the email editor and I am not. We have a third party add-in that doesn't play well with Word as the editor.
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    Re: Voting Buttons (2003)

    Apparently not. I just tested it with someone running the same versions of Outlook and Exchange as me. (Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003.)
  16. Re: Outlook 2003 Spellcheck (2003 11.6568.6568)

    Did you ever get an answer to this? I just discovered the issue. One side note - I use rtf as my default email format. Using either rtf or plain text, "Mr." does not get flagged. It only happens with...
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    Re: Manual Archiving Not Working (Outlook 2003)

    The date used to archive is not necessarily the sent/receive date or the date of an appointment. If items have been accessed recently or perhaps imported from another server or folder, they have new...
  18. Thread: Metadata (2003)

    by holdew

    Re: Metadata (2003)

    I really like Metadata Assistant by Payne Consulting. The Enterprise version gives you a lot of control over what gets cleaned on scans. Its...
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    Block Stationary (Outlook 2003/SP 2)

    On my corporate network, I want to block people from being able to use stationary as a default. Is there a way to do this?
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    Re: Delay Sending Emails (Outlook 2003 Prof. SP1)

    If you are running in Cached mode (the default setting for Outlook 2003) on an Exchange Server, delayed mail does not send unless you are attached to the server! In other Words, the delayed send...
  21. Re: Default bullet settings/auto correct (Word 2003)

    I agree with you. I don't generally use the autocorrect either. However, some of my users really like it except for the one annoyance of having the bullet indented.
  22. Default bullet settings/auto correct (Word 2003)

    When typing "* some text" the default setting in Word is to autocorrect this into a bulleted list and I am fine with that. However, it defaults to a .25" indent and a .5" tab stop. Is there a way to...
  23. Re: File Naming Conventions for Versions (Word 200

    What did you put in for a DMS? Has it worked well and how well did people react to it?
  24. File Naming Conventions for Versions (Word 2003)

    I have people using a lot of different systems for naming documents and for naming documents for keeping track of versions. None of them seem 'perfect'. What are people using for naming conventions...
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    Re: Local/Network--PST files (Outlook 2003)

    Sorry - I meant SP2 - finger hit the wrong key and I didn't notice. But SP2 is taking the 16GB limit to 75GB.

    I know there are some...
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