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  1. how to stop the first number in Number heading style from being indented?

    I've looked through the various submenus in the Modify Style page for the 1 Numbered heading style, but don't see where I can adjust the setting to stop the first number (1) from being paragraph...
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    Soemthing is seriously wrong with my Word install...

    Soemthing is seriously wrong with my Word install (part of Student version of Office 2013). Slowing to a crawl after a few minutes of use. This is a fresh reinstall from yesterday, one that I had to...
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    Memory leak in Word 2013?

    Word became unresponsive and threw this error:

    There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font.

    I have 8 G of memory, plenty of disk space, and a very...
  4. PS I am noticing that my Heading 3 numbers are...

    PS I am noticing that my Heading 3 numbers are continuing as single numbered list, even when seperated by different heading 2 entries:

    A (which is heading 2)
    i (heading 3)
  5. Cannot remember how to make a heading style's numbering a subset of the prior heading level

    Hi folks,

    Using Word 2013 and I have Heading 1, Heading, 2, Heading 3, and Heading 4. Each heading is numbered, so heading 1 is 1.0, heading 2 is 1.1, and I need to make heading 3 be 1.1.1,...
  6. Thanks. Amazing oversight on the part of M$.

    Thanks. Amazing oversight on the part of M$.
  7. List numbers bolded when I bold first word in that entry

    I have PPT 2013 and when I make "Last Name" bold in the niumbered list item "A. Last Name" the "A." is bolded as well. If I unbold "L" then "A." is unbolded, too. So it seem the formatting for the...
  8. Thanks, Pam. I followed your advice and saw...

    Thanks, Pam. I followed your advice and saw exactly what you described. I deleted \u and now have {TOC \o "1-3" \h \z}
    That didn't fix the problem however...still the same issue with figures,...
  9. Need help: creating a Table of Contents without figure or table listings

    Hey folks,

    I'm using Office 2010. In our reports we have a separate listing for tables, and a separate listing for figures, so I want to create a table of contents for sections that doesn't list...
  10. Figured it out. Because tracked changes were on...

    Figured it out. Because tracked changes were on and all changes hadn’t been accepted, I think this "ghost text"marked for deletion (which included figures and captions) might have been messing...
  11. Word 2010: Table of Contents updates but List of Figures and Tables don't

    Hey folks,

    I'm editing a document for work (which unfortunately I cannot upload). The Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables entries all use the same heading style, which is...
  12. Thank you

    Thank you
  13. Word 2010: possible to adjust/turn off word hyphenation at the end of line?

    I have begun working on a document and notice that in many lines words are hyphenated so that part of the word (and a hyphen) is on one line, and the rest of the word is on the line below it. I find...
  14. Excellent. Thanks!

    Excellent. Thanks!
  15. Possible to have text overlap blank section of a table graphic?(Word 2010)

    I have a graphic inside a table in column one of a three column page. The upper-right of the graphic is blank, so I would like the headline text in column two to overlap this space. To the viewers...
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    Where does Word 2010 save temporary files?

    A co-worker lost a day's work b/c Word crashed and the auto recovered document didn't reflect her work. What folder does Word save temporary or auto-saved documents to?

    Any other suggestions as to...
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    D'oh---I realized I can make the settings by...

    D'oh---I realized I can make the settings by right-clicking the ruler bar.
  18. Word 2010 setting Remove personal information from file properties on save?

    I've been encountering a problem in Word 2010 where all reviewer edits appear under the single “Author.” This makes it difficult to tell who has edited what.

    Here’s how to fix it:

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    Word 2010- cannot minimze the footer ruler

    We use a report template at work, which allows me to adjust the vertical width of the header to be as narrow as I want it to. I cannot do this though with the footer, which can be a problem. We often...
  20. Word 2010 not spell checking Heading 1 Style text

    ...even though there is no check in the Do not check spelling or grammar box under Format>Language.

    This is something I need to fix because my work reports have several Heading 1 headers and I...
  21. Thanks. That worked.

    Thanks. That worked.
  22. Excel 2010: Need to increase width between two columns

    I have a chart with 4 columns of data. I need to increase the width between column 2 and 3, and tighten up the spacing between column 1 and 2, and between 3 and 4.

    I don't see any options within...
  23. Very helpful. Thanks.

    Very helpful. Thanks.
  24. Compressing Word 2010 to remove residual properties, text, etc.

    At work, we often use previous reports as shells for current reports. So, I'll be working in a Word 2010 doc that we wrote for project X/client X as a shell for project Y/client Y.

    Because of...
  25. Possible to link to a specific section of a doc?

    Boy, it sure is a shame the message titles are so limited in length, otherwise I would have better conveyed my question.

    I want to link within a Word doc to a specific section of a published PDF...
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