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  1. Does XP have a system.mdw file? (Windows XP)

    I'm looking for the system.mdw file that seems to have been in every other Windows release but not this one. Did they change the file extension? I'm looking for this in regards to Access Database...
  2. Re: My Splitter Isn't Splittin' (Office 2000 and 2003)

    Why would you need to turn of the "Name AutCorrect" options? I'm just wondering.
    Also, thanks... I never really thought of manually linking databases to create your own back-end.
  3. My Splitter Isn't Splittin' (Office 2000 and 2003)

    Currently I'm creating a database for our company, which is national, and therefore the database needs to be placed onto shared server drives. I'm running Access 2003 but most people in the company...
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