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  1. Re: Disappearing borders and graphics (Publisher 2

    Just for completeness, here's the solution:

    It was a hardware problem, to be precise, it was the problem of having a new computer with an old monitor. I reduced the Hardware Acceleration setting...
  2. Re: Disappearing borders and graphics (Publisher 2

    Thanks for your suggestions. I created a new publication, copied-and-pasted the text and graphics, and all the graphics and object boundaries appear as I would have expected them to. I can use...
  3. Re: Disappearing borders and graphics (Publisher 2

    Thanks, but I am afraid that I have already checked all the suggestions you made in the earlier thread and nothing has worked for me either. It's very frustrating.

    David in London
  4. Disappearing borders and graphics (Publisher 2003 (11.6565.6568) SP2)

    This may be a complete newbie question, so forgive me. Last week I created a leaflet in Publisher. Today the guidelines around each object have disappeared, and the images are invisible. When I click...
  5. Automatically applying page layout settings (Word 2003, Win XP Pro)

    I have been developing some Word templates. The templates contain styles and page layout settings. From what I have experienced, and what I have read in the online Help, if you apply a template to an...
  6. Can't update Word templates in shared folder (Win XP Pro, Word 2003)

    I am working in a group of 5 technical writers supporting a about 100 developers on a software project. We have developed a number of Word templates for the developers to use, and placed them in a...
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    Re: How many firewalls do I need?

    Thanks for the advice!

    David Farbey
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    How many firewalls do I need?

    When I was running one home computer on a 56k dial-up connection I installed ZoneAlarm. Now I have more than one home computer and I have progressed to a broadband connection (512k) and I am...
  9. Re: Creating a custom dialog for doc properties (Word 2003 on XP Pro)


    Thank you very much, you made that much easier than I had imagined.

    Many thanks,

    David Farbey
    London UK
  10. Creating a custom dialog for doc properties (Word 2003 on XP Pro)

    Please can someone point me in the right direction. I'd like to learn how to do something that I have seen done elsewhere, and probably involves some VB scripting and some macros.

    I don't expect...
  11. Re: Reinstating permission for pop-ups (IE 6.0 on Win 2k Pro SP4)

    Thank you again. Now I am being very humble and contrite, and apologising for wasting everyone's time, because I've just found the solution to my problem myself, and guess what, it wasn't IE...
  12. Re: Reinstating permission for pop-ups (IE 6.0 on Win 2k Pro SP4)

    Thanks for pointing this out, Dave, and you are right Ctrl+Click does work. However, I'd really like to change back whatever setting controls this.
  13. Reinstating permission for pop-ups (IE 6.0 on Win 2k Pro SP4)

    Can someone help me please?

    I need to get IE 6.0 to allow pop-up windows, not block them. It is currently blocking everything, and I need them for an online banking application. They worked until...
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    Re: Problem installing ICS on WinME

    Thanks for your reply. I have an Ethernet card for my wired home network, and I have a separate connection for my dial up connection. Does that count as "two network cards"? BTW, the modem is a...
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    Problem installing ICS on WinME

    I have a problem installing Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on WinME. After following all the steps in the ICS wizard, I can no longer access web pages.
    I have a wired home network with 3 machines...
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    Error mesage: Rundll32 has caused an error..

    Can anyone suggest a solution for the error messages I have been getting on start-up, and which stop me from printing from any program, (not even the test page from the printer properties dialog):...
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