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  1. Re: How to detect a template (2000 SP3)

    If you do not employ any other code in the ThisWorkbook object, you could use a self destruct Workbook Open event as follows :<pre>Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    If Me.FileFormat <> xlTemplate...
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    Re: Removed Modules (VBA/Excel/XP)

    Right click on each sheet tab, select View Code, and if you find any code delete it

    Typically you might find code like the following :<pre> Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

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    Re: Fill Cell (XP 03)

    You can achieve something similar using custom number formatting. If you apply the custom format ** to a cell, and input any numeric value into that cell it will fill the cell with asterisks (*). To...
  4. Re: excel macro containing quotes (2000,2002,2003)

    The following code will applay quotation marks to all thecells in the selected range.<pre> Sub AddQuotes()
    Dim oCell As Range
    For Each oCell In Selection
    oCell = Chr(34)...
  5. Re: VBA error message on selection of range (Excel03)

    Sorry about that Fay.

    Try the following :<pre>Private Sub cmdResetTime_Click()
    Range("B4:B17").FormulaR1C1 = "12:30:00 AM"
    Union(Range("C4:D17"), Range("I4:J17")).ClearContents
  6. Re: VBA error message on selection of range (Excel03)

    Rory has covered Question 1.

    Question 3 :-
    You have your code placed in a sheet module (Sheet1), so when the selection pertains to a different sheet (Sheet2), an error occurs. You really should...
  7. Re: Awkward Names Code (VBA/Excel/All)

    You should be able to use simply :

    Result = Application.Evaluate("PrevColl"),

    which can also be written as :

    Result = [PrevColl]

    Andrew C
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    Re: Copy from Internet (2003)


    Firslty sorry about Logical, it should of course have been Boolean. I should test code before posting.

    I had a look at the API Guide and came up with the following :<pre>Private Declare...
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    Re: Copy from Internet (2003)

    Create the following function :<pre>Private Declare Function DoFileDownload Lib "shdocvw.dll" (ByVal lpszFile As String) As Long

    Function DownLoadFile(sURL As String) As Long
    On Error Resume...
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    Re: split value over 2 lines (2003)

    < I tried to use that for a custom format for my single date but had no luck - I can't seem to enter the ALT010 correctly >

    Try entering the linefeed character (CHAR(10)) as ALT 0010, but wrap it...
  11. Re: Show only filled lines (2000 r s1)

    <pre>Sub Listabox()
    ComboBox1.RowSource = "foglio2!" & _
    Range(Sheets("foglio2").[A2], Sheets("foglio2").[A2].End(xlDown)).Address
    ComboBox2.RowSource = "foglio2!B2:B200"
  12. Re: Can't Copy over Read-Only Folder (VBScript)

    Take a look at This Thread and see if it helps.

    Andrew C
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    Re: Advanced Filtering (Excel 2003)

    Why not do a second advanced filter, setting the criteria to Not Equal ("<>") the criteria used for the first extraction.

    You could then either remove the original sheet or back it up as a...
  14. Re: Display Table Title in Freeze Panes (XP / 2003)

    Perhaps the best solution (since the powers that be don't like the obvious solution) would be restrict viewing to one table at a time.

    I have adapted your workbook (copy attached) using the...
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    Re: Off-Workbook references (2000/3)

    You could move files to PC which will accommodate the Source workbook, and from that PC open both files and do a SaveAs of the target workbook to the server.

    The links on the Source file should be...
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    Re: Advice on import (XP)

    Without seeing your set up, I cannot really tell what might be causing the problem. How many records & fields are being imported ?

    Have you set the query to automatically update every X number of...
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    Re: Advice on import (XP)

    Perhaps you could proceed without using any VBA coding. Under the Import External Data item you cn choose to Import Data or set up a New Database query. Which you would use would depend on your...
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    Re: Remove space after # (Excel 2003)

    You could also try the following.

    Instead of replacing a blank, in the in the Find What box, hold down the Alt key and enter 0160. You should then see something like a blank space. Replace all...
  19. Re: System Names Conflict (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)


    I do not think that there should be any real conflict, as assigning a new name to a range does not actually delete the original name that range may have had. In short any given range may...
  20. Re: Formula File Reference too long (Excel 2003)

    An alternative to Hans's suggestion would be to define a Name (e.g Path) in the workbook with formula, which referes to

    'G:Crime & DrugsAdminister Public FundingManage funding expenditureMonitor...
  21. Re: Create VBA from API of Calendar (xp)

    This code is not an API call, but relates to to the .NET Framework Class Library

    See this MSDN article

    Andrew C
  22. Re: VBA formating borders (Excel 2000)

    Perhaps a loop is not required.

    Would <pre> With Range(Cells(7, 1), Cells(Cell_Count - 1, 20)).Borders
    .LineStyle = xlContinuous
    .Weight = xlThin
    .ColorIndex =...
  23. Re: Online help connects to Web (Excel 2003 SP1)

    I don't know but if you agreed to sign up to the Customer Experience Improvement Program, it may cause this behaviour.

    Check Tools, Options, General and click on Service Options. You can then...
  24. Re: Using .GIF and .JPG files to make Button Images (VBA)


    I just took this code sample from VBA help :

    Sub ChangeButtonImage()
    Dim picPicture As IPictureDisp
    Dim picMask As IPictureDisp

    Set picPicture =...
  25. Re: Ascertain if an instance of Excel is opened in

    Workbooks have a Container property which should help.

    See the thread Detect Excel running in browser

    Andrew C
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