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    I thought I had replied (entered a post) earlier...

    I thought I had replied (entered a post) earlier today to throw in my problem. But it went into cyberspace somewhere. I was unable to activate my wireless connection and the Win7 trouble shooter...
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    DSL Connection problem

    I am a bare novice with Win7 and just ran into this problem yesterday. I use AT&T U-verse through a gateway(TV-internet & phone). I get excellent signal strength and all that from the gateway for...
  3. What is the Difference in Media Edition vs all others?

    I posted my first question just a bit ago, and thought of a second question that I have never been able to fine the answer for... I have a 3 or 4 year old Gateway Desktop system that has been a real...
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    Doesn't XP have a MS repair program?

    I may have it mixed up with Win 7, but I swear I remember somewhere not in the to distant past, a WinSec article on a diagnostic tool, or system repair tools that could be downloaded from Microsoft,...
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