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    As a further check on the "corrupted" docx file,...

    As a further check on the "corrupted" docx file, I downloaded it from SkyDrive to my work PC. MS Word 2007 opened it with no problem, and it looked fine. So much for GoogleDrive "conversions"!
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    Still no Google Drive for Linux

    Thanks, but this is just a personal account. No need to contact Google help - their FAQ is explicit about not supporting Linux for uploading docs. We will work around that (attitude).

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    Google Drive for PC really means for Windows - Linux is "N/A"

    I switched myself and my wife over to Linux for home use years ago when faced with the hassle and expense of upgrading from Win98 on several PC's. Win2K, then XP just did not seem worth it, although...
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    Win7 MS Office 2007 Cut/Paste Fails

    Here's a variant with Win7 and MS Office 2007 - Cut/Paste fails weirdly most, but not all times (copy/paste is fine, or I would be getting a rebuild). In Word or Outlook, with text that I mark and...
  5. Is that first, common address your router or the...

    Is that first, common address your router or the DNS server IP?
  6. Troubleshooting...

    Exactly my experience - I have done a fair amount of DNS switching to find the best service, and for the PC's in my household, a mix of Linux and Windows, I have only had to point them to the routers...
  7. I am curious as to how updating one PC could...

    I am curious as to how updating one PC could affect another one's connection settings for a common access point/router unless they are in some sort of ad hoc or peer arrangement, or Internet...
  8. Restart the Laptop?

    Just about any router will have to be reset after a DNS change such as you did, so it is most likely that yours reset itself, which would have dropped his wifi connection. However, it seems as...
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    Wonder if they would "fix" a Linux PC?

    If I get one of these calls, I might have to see how long I could string them along before they realize I am not using Windows, but Linux ;)
    (I just use Windows on my work PC, and hardly ever for...
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