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  1. Thank, you Prescott and Berton. I did MUCH...

    Thank, you Prescott and Berton.

    I did MUCH research--never feeling like I was hot on the trail of an answer. I was about to uninstall/reinstall Office 2007 when I remembered System Restore....
  2. Can't Save (or Save As) open Word 2007 docs

    I can't Save Word 2007 open docs, or rename (Save As) in the same folder or ANY folder. Here is my investigation--can anyone help? Thank you.

    Suddenly I can't save...
  3. Read Only, Can't Save ANYWHERE, Printer not Found. UAC *not* an answer.

    Using Word 2007 First, let me say that I really need help with the FIRST two intertwined topics in this paragraph. The others are not as urgent, but may help someone find a common thread. I have...
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