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  1. [SOLVED] Win 7 does not burn discs any more (CD & DVD)

    All Commands.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

    This is a shortcut available on a number of websites that will produce a list of links to various win7 settings.
    Do NOT try to copy it or any...
  2. Win7 32 bit, IE10: I do not get a blank page --...

    Win7 32 bit, IE10: I do not get a blank page -- just the VMLMaker page.

    Win7 64 bit, IE11: I get the page with the "A VML capable ..." message but can not add to the compatibility...
  3. Disk Imaging with Win7

    I would like to try this but do not know how. Here is my problem:

    I currently use Acronis which has gotten more complicated and difficult to use with each new version. I would like a simple...
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    EMET not working for me

    When I got to the part about enabling internet explorer and clicked 'open' on the profile file I got a warning about Active X ( I guess I should not trust Microsoft, eh?) After electing to run the...
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    Restoring a system after massive failure

    A fascinating story but there is a need for another column how to get drivers.

    I have found that the principal challenge of reinstalling a boot drive is getting the drivers. I have had occasion...
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    Thank you

    dg 1261 answered my question nicely with the link (picture) he provided and scaisson provided new and good info on WHY one would prefer using a switch instead of a splitter. This is just what I...
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    Can two computers share one Ethernet cable?

    I have one long run of Cat 5e to the far side of my home that needs to be connected to two computers at the end. I understand there are devices that will merge two ports at the switch end and then...
  8. I have experienced this problem going back at...

    I have experienced this problem going back at least ten years to Windows 98 and, yes, it still occurs with Windows 7. In my case it involves a DOS batch file that I use to backup a number of files...
  9. I have been using MSE on two machines since last...

    I have been using MSE on two machines since last fall. The only quibble is that it will interrupt games to do its auto scan so the auto scan must be disabled. Also, with MSE installed I notice a...
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