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    Update Bios

    I got the same problem with a GA-B75M-D3H motherboard. The Help-tech update my Bios to the latest version. And all was good now. Hope this may help.

    Paul Cheuk.
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    Dear Fred, I ran into a problem...

    Dear Fred,

    I ran into a problem after a custom image restore in Windows 8. Th File explorer is not responsive after the restore. Don't any body has encounter this problem?

  3. Windows 32 bits updates for Windows 64 bits system

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Do we need the 32-bits updates for a 64-bits system?

    If no, then how to screen those from the update site?

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    Code-signing and Windows Updates

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Does anyone run into this problem? Updating Windows 8 caused error in PowerShell code-signing.


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    Bugs in Windows 8 Pro File-History

    Dear sir,

    I have set up the File-History to use one of my USB hard disk. The file folder is c:\Users\Paul\documents\documents\*.*

    I want to try to get rid of the ASK...
  6. Programs before Windows 8 upgrade not working after refreshing Windows 8

    Dear Sir,

    All programs that you have when you upgraded to Windows 8 will be wipe out after refreshing (the warning is not clear enough).

    I did the refreshing and all my...
  7. Different information in Outlook, OneNote and Chrome browser for Issue 341

    Dear Sir,

    I got three things when I viewed the captioned issue in three applications.
    In OneNote and Outlook the title was "Windows Secrets Newsletter . Issue 341 ....
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    Dear joe, Here is a screenshot...

    Dear joe,

    Here is a screenshot for your information. This is my first time putting a screenshot in this. I don't know whether you can see clearly. I just set up the rule to move...
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    Dear Joe, None of the rules work....

    Dear Joe,

    None of the rules work. I don't know what is "stop processing". Is that something I have to set for each rule?

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    Microsoft Outlook rules not working?

    Dear Sir,

    I got a lot of junk emails. I have set up rules to move these junk emails to the junk mail folder. All the rules are not working. Is there anything else to set before the...
  11. Rule to filter spam not working in Outlook 2010

    Dear Sir,

    I cannot get the rule to remove spam from my inbox to work. I had set up the rule to remove any mail from a certain sender address.

    Do I have to activate the...
  12. Lost figures when pasting Windows Secrets Articles in OneNote

    Dear members,

    I was not able to paste the articles with all the figures into OneNote, I had tried various ways with no success. I tried copying the articles from the web page. I...
  13. HI, I need to set the high contrast...


    I need to set the high contrast viewing display every time I started Windows 7. Is there a way I can make some change to the Registry so that I do not have to do it every time?

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