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  1. The shortcuts are kept in...

    The shortcuts are kept in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent
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    The ISO image I've got here (ripped it from one...

    The ISO image I've got here (ripped it from one of my Windows 8 DVDs) is 2,165,309,440 bytes, or roughly 2.02GB (divide by 1024 three times to get from bytes to GB).

    I can't remember if it's the...
  3. I use Classic Shell...

    I use Classic Shell, which has an XP-style Start Menu and a Recent Documents list. But I'm not aware of a native way to do what you want, short of Joe's suggestion above.
  4. Startup Recovery with Bitlocker - didn't back up Recovery Key

    "I don't need that stupid Recovery Key; it'll never be necessary. I know what my Bitlocker password is because I type it every time I switch on my computer; I'm hardly likely to forget it."

  5. Latest Windows updates (10th December) broke Network Discovery/Sharing

    Until I (blindly) ran the latest batch of updates, my Windows 8.1 Pro machine happily shared out its files to all and sundry, and could browse other systems in the same way.

    After I ran the...
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