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  1. Recording internet TV in Win Media Center

    I installed WMC and now I want to record some programs from or other sites, but I can't figure out how to do it.
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    PERL advised in Win 7?

    Optiplex 745 with Win 7 Pro SP1.

    I have created a few scripts with REXX and I would like to run them in win. If that is not advised, I was thinking of PERL. If PERL is advised, what version should...
  3. Modify single drive to dual boot and offload programs and data to logical d

    Xp SP3 on a 74 GB drive.

    Currently, C: 64GB with 34% used has the working Xp , and D: 10GB with 40% used has the HP Recovery.

    I would like to add a boot manager for either an eCS or Linux...
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