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  1. Setting an Access report so that zero values print as blanks?

    Running ACCESS 2010 on Win7 Pro 64. I have a report in which the data are sparse: lots of zero values, a few non-zero values. I would like to set the report up so that zero values are not printed,...
  2. Thanks, everyone. Problem solved! Bob

    Thanks, everyone. Problem solved!
  3. How to partition an existing disk in Win7 Pro 64-bit?

    I have a 3TB hard disk that has about 1TB of data on it. I want to now split it into two logical drives, one of which will contain the info that's already out there (this volume would be about 2TB),...
  4. Found a solution

    Thanks for your response.
    I've just found a non-VBA solution, which really means that someone else has done the VBA work, I suppose:

    Outlook mail merge attachment (OMMA)Version 1.1.8 BETA, 2...
  5. Can't do mail/merge to Outlook and insert attachments???

    I need to send out a email to a bunch of people, with the bodyof the email personalize by using mail/merge from Word, and include attachments. Is this possible: I cannot find a way to do it.

  6. Thanks

    That did it, thanks.
  7. can you copy colors from one piece of text to another in Word?

    In a document that I am preparing, some text is automatically colored (email addresses). I want to color some other text that exact same color. Is there some way to do that? I cannot find the...
  8. Replies

    page fault in non-paged area????

    I'm trying to rebuild the software on my system, because I having been getting these errors several times a day. Running Win7 64-bit, 12GB RAM, SSD for operating system and separate one for data...
  9. Thanks, jwitalka --- brilliant. It now works...

    Thanks, jwitalka --- brilliant. It now works great!
  10. Can't click on hyperlinks in emails: get funny error message

    I'm running Win7-64 bit, Outlook 2010, Norton 360 anti-virus. All of these are fully up-to-date.
    When I try to click to follow a link that I've received in an email, I get the following message: ...
  11. Thanks

  12. I don't think it matters, but I'm running Win7...

    I don't think it matters, but I'm running Win7 64-bit Pro, Outlook 2010 32-bit.
  13. Archiving done, but .ost file is no smaller!

    I expected that when I archived Outlook, saving just the most-recent year's worth of stuff, that the .ost file would get significantly smaller. In fact, it didn't get smaller at all. As a result, I...
  14. Is it the InfraRecorder product?

    Is it the InfraRecorder product?
  15. Thanks for your suggestion. That is a very...

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    That is a very confusing website to me! Is it the Grab and Burn product that you end up with? There are so many different freebies offered there!!
  16. DVD burning: can Win 7 Pro 64-bit burn-and-verify?

    I have been using a very disappointing Roxio Creator ( Corel) piece of software (Creator 2011) which has stopped working for reasons unknown and apparently un-fixable as far as I can tell in working...
  17. Hmmmh, well I've tried all the suggestions: -...

    Hmmmh, well I've tried all the suggestions:
    - neither Norton scan nor Malware full scan showed any problems
    -Microsoft fix-it didn't help
    -I changed in the services window from "automatis (delayed...
  18. My system stopped doing Windows Update: Win 7 Pro 64-bit

    I have always used the automatic Windows update feature of Win7. However, I accidentally just discovered that the latest Windows Update was from April 1 2012, even though I have the system set for...
  19. Thanks, Clint. Will try it tomorrow. Bob

    Thanks, Clint. Will try it tomorrow.
  20. Can Win7x64 boot from a hardware-RAID 1?

    I'm running an ASUS P5Q3 delluxe mobo, Win 7 64-bit, 12GB RAM, 120GB SSD as the C drive, and a bunch of other disks. I would like to add a second SSD to make the C drive a RAID 1 for reliability...
  21. Thanks

    I appreciate your help. Will try this today.
  22. Can't figure out how to load outlook.pst into new version of Outlook 2010

    I'm re-building my computer, running Win 7 64-bit, outlook 2010. I've replaced the C drive, so am reloading everything, including Outlook. I have saved the outlook.pst file from the previous build...
  23. Thanks, Rory. It was the "display formulas"...

    Thanks, Rory. It was the "display formulas" problem.
  24. Excel won't calculate newly entered formula

    Running Excel 2010 Windows 7 Pro.

    I exported a file from QuickBooks into a new Excel worksheet. Then I added a new formula: =12*b6. The formula just sits there in the cell, and doesn't calculate...
  25. Thanks, jscher Bob

    Thanks, jscher
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