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  1. Re: managing multiple websites (FP2000 (4.02.6625)

    Hi Jezza,

    Apologies for this belated response. I've been distracted by another intensive project and have only now gotten back to my dilemma with my new website as detailed in my opening post on...
  2. Secondary identities downloading in main mailbox (Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180)

    I've just configured OE on a new laptop. I basically wanted to duplicate the identities we have on the main computer, but although I've done that, I'm finding that all mail from all identities is...
  3. managing multiple websites (FP2000 (4.02.6625))

    Hi folks.

    I have one quite extensive website that I created in FP2000 some time back - lots of files etc. Recently, I've begun work on a second site, and am struggling to find a way to manage the...
  4. CD ROM not working + Driver not loading properly


    I've reformatted the HD and reinstalled Win 95 on my old computer, which I am giving to a friend who only wants email and basic web browsing. The version of Win95 is 4.00.950C.

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    Re: Spam deluge in OE6 (6.00.2900.2180)

    Thanks a lot, John.
  6. Re: checking spacing after periods (2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3)

    Hi Hans.

    Worked a treat. Thanks a lot!


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    Spam deluge in OE6 (6.00.2900.2180)

    Is anyone else being deluged with spam in Outlook Express? It used to be mostly confined to Hotmail in my experience, but in recent months, my OE inbox has been under assault from bogus stock...
  8. checking spacing after periods (2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3)

    Hi. Does anyone know whether it is possible to somehow do a check throughout an entire document to ensure that there is only one space after the period completing each sentence, before the next...
  9. importing website from net (FP2000 4.02.6625)

    I designed a website in FP and published it to the web via FP, but have since gotten a new computer and given away the one on which I designed the website.

    I now wish to make some modifications...
  10. Re: update note when accessing emails (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))


    You are quite right - I did need to update my Office 2000 suite. I have now done so, and hopefully this will have solved the problem. Thanks a lot for your advice.
  11. Re: update note when accessing emails (Excel 2000

    Hi again jscher2000. There is some pattern, I guess, because the update box appears when opening some emails and not others, but I haven't worked out why! Will try to identify any patterns of this...
  12. giving another person limited access to site (FP2002 (10.2623.2625))

    Hi again.

    I wish to give another person limited access to part of my website (a subdomain which she will be adding content to, or modifying content, on a weekly basis).

    I have sought advice...
  13. update note when accessing emails (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))

    Lately, when I click on an email to open it when in Outlook Express, often I get a dialogue box come up telling me I need to update Office and to insert the Office installation disk. I tried putting...
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    MP3 files dropout/ embedding vs linking

    Wonder if anyone knows what might be causing the following, and how to remedy it:

    I have some MP3 music file samples linked to tracklist song titles on my website (thanks to some good advice on...
  15. Re: inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.26

    THANK YOU LEIF!!! Your instruction was spot on - works a treat.

    Now we're getting over-ambitious, I guess, but do you know of any way to have text accompany the Media Player thingo when it...
  16. Re: inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.26

    Thanks for your further advice, Leif. Problem is, I don't know how to upload the MP3 file without using Insert in FP! Can I upload it to my hosted site without using FP to do so - is this what you...
  17. Re: inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.26

    (Edited by Leif to make link live - see the quick guide and/or <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>)


    I think maybe I need to be looking at linking to .m3u lists, as exemplified by this page:...
  18. Re: inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.26

    OK, thanks Leif - I've tried that. When I publish to my host and try out the link to the MP3 file, I get a notice stating: 404 NOT FOUND and a dialogue box underneath stating "The requested URL was...
  19. Re: inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.26


    When click Insert in FP, locate the MP3 file, then click "open" to try to get FP to insert it on to the web page at the point I want it placed, I get a message telling me that FP "could not...
  20. Re: inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.26

    Thanks, Leif, but I don't want to have background sound.

    I want to offer samples of songs, so that an interested browser can click on an MP3 sample next to a track listed on a CD I am offering...
  21. inserting MP3 file samples (FP2002 (10.2623.2625))

    Hi. I am trying to insert an MP3 file sample on one of my web pages, but FP won't load it. Anyone know how to get it to load, pls?


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    Re: Creating frames (2002 (10.2623.2625))


    To the rescue yet again! Your first suggestion is exactly what I was after - works a treat. Thanks a lot, as always.

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    Creating frames (2002 (10.2623.2625))

    I don't know whether I even have the term "frames" correct here. What I mean is:

    I want to have a Links page on my website where readers can click on various links to other sites, but with the...
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    Re: footnote numbers (2002 (10.2623.2625))

    Thanks, Catherine and jscher2000 - as always, your responses are much appreciated.


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    footnote numbers (2002 (10.2623.2625))

    Does anyone know how to type in footnote numbers slightly raised above normal text font, when in FP? I have used the Symbols insert to put in footnote numbers 1, 2 and 3, but this is where they end...
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