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    Can't find imported Contacts (2002)

    I just imported my Outlook 97 Personal Address Book into my Outlook 2002 Contacts using the supplied Import/Export feature under the File menu. It worked successfully and I can see all the new...
  2. Office XP - Slow Startup for Word, Outlook, Pwrpnt (Office XP, SP1)

    When I first installed Office XP, 2 months ago, on my new Windows XP machine, it worked beautifully. Then a month ago I did a System Restore and of course had to reinstall Office XP. All...
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    Windows XP SP1 - Boot Time (XP SP1)

    I just installed Windows XP SP1 and my boot time at least tripled. The majority of the additional time appears to be when it is filling out the desktop icons. The mouse pointer is an hourglass and...
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    SUMIF using 2 conditions (Excel 97)

    I have often used SUMIF to sum a column range based on a value in another column of the same range. Now I want to sum a column of numbers based on values in two other columns. Anyone know how to do...
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