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  1. Thanks. My document was rather heavily formatted....

    Thanks. My document was rather heavily formatted. Dunno if that was part of the issue.
  2. Word 2010 pdf font display screwed up after latest patches

    After installing the June security patches, saving a WORD document as an xps or pdf file displays a different font than what was used in the doc. Not only that, but the 'font' is all screwy looking,...
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    I was just going to post a screen shot of the...

    I was just going to post a screen shot of the patches I installed after carefully checking Patch Watch. Windows had spontaneously rebooted (I thought those days were over!) right when I was in the...
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    Figure I uninstalled it

    I use CCLEANER as well (Since the days when it was Crap Cleaner) but in my case I figure I uninstalled it and forgot. In the old days it was not possible to uninstall it. You could hide it, but not...
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    IE gone from my system as well

    I have had my current Windows 7 Pro setup for about two years and at some unknown point IE disappeared. This is ironic considering the number of times from
    whenever Opera debuted that I tried to...
  6. Fake email re making money from filling out surveys

    Kinda aimed at the wrong audience, n'est as? I would think most subscribers to Windows Secrets would know this was a scam. .............
    Delivered-To: xxxxx
    Received: by with SMTP id...
  7. This happened to a friend of mine over a year...

    This happened to a friend of mine over a year ago, maybe two. It happened shortly after she had called Dell
    Support re a problem with her new laptop. She dealt with an Indian call center and I...
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