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  1. I solved the problem by closing the MS account...

    I solved the problem by closing the MS account and reopening the account with the same logon info.
  2. I have tried everything with NO results.

    I have tried all suggestions with NO results - I still cannot verify email address and receive the same message (you no the message). What gives? Why can't we get a straight answer from MS like "we...
  3. Microsoft account: Can't verify e-mail during sign-up process

    I have established a Microsoft Account using my default email address. I can sign into "view account details" from my Windows Live Mail client, but when asked to "verify your email address", I am...
  4. No Preview available when using Word or Excel Starter version.

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    </font><p style="margin: 0in 0in 6pt;" class="MsoNormal"><font size="5"><font color="#000000">I am running Windows 7x64 bit home edition....
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    Windows 7 backup and restore failure

    For the benefit of readers, I have learned that Window 7 backup and restore program will fail if you are trying to do and image backup to a driver that uses a 4K sector size (most new large external...
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