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  1. Thanks RG, I'll check it out.

    Thanks RG, I'll check it out.
  2. Thanks, yes, I saw those. None of the pre-set...

    Thanks, yes, I saw those. None of the pre-set styles suit what I am looking for (simple solid black lines, no curves or points). I think I'll just have to created my own brackets out of solid thicker...
  3. How to insert or create bracket lines in PowerPoint 2013


    Hi folks,

    I am wanting to use bracket lines to indicate portions of a UI that I am describing in a user's guide. I've reviewed the shape and line options in PowerPoint 2013 but don't see...
  4. How to have a numbered list continue across multiple slides

    Hey folks,

    I don't use PPT all that often, and have a project I'm working on.

    Basic question- I have a numbered list that will span multiple slides, and I cannot figure out how to continue the...
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    Hi Martin, Thank you! I will credit you and...

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you! I will credit you and send you the link when the site is live.

    Many many thanks.
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    Hey Martin Thank you! Would I have your...

    Hey Martin

    Thank you!

    Would I have your permission to discuss your macros on the site I am creating?
    I would credit them to you and provide a link to your site for download.

    Thanks again...
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    Charles and Paul--- thank you very much! Really,...

    Charles and Paul--- thank you very much! Really, I very grateful for your fantastic advice. I'm researching it now.
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    Also, what';s the success rate of using 2010...

    Also, what';s the success rate of using 2010 macros in 2013? I'll need to specify if 2010 macros don't work in 2013. Thanks.
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    Helpful macros for Word 2010 and 2013 wanted

    Hey folks,

    This is likely the perfect community to ask this of:

    I am working on a project for a class, Word Tips for Technical Writers, and want to compile a list of helpful macros for 2010 and...
  10. Thanks. Yeah, I figured as much. They probably...

    Thanks. Yeah, I figured as much. They probably didn't save it to their drive first.
  11. Please answer a question about Word 2007 document as Read Only?

    I have sent my resume as a Word 2007 document to an employment agency. They need to add their header to my resume, and are telling me that cannot do so because the Word document is Read Only. I have...
  12. Hey folks, Thanks for your replies. The thing...

    Hey folks,

    Thanks for your replies. The thing is, both these Word docs originate from the same template, and there are several headings in this template, with Chapter Heading, Heading 1, and...
  13. Word 2010 Save as PDF problem: Cannot create bookmarks using Headings


    I am saving a work doc as a PDF, and I need the PDF to have bookmarks. I cannot choose the Headings option in the Options>Include non-printing information>Create bookmarks using: ...
  14. Word 2010: How to get "See" index entries to appear on line below primary index entry

    Building an index for a work report, and I need to get the See ____ entries to appear on the line below the primary entry. Currently, the default Word index style is to have these See entries appear...
  15. Thanks to you both.

    Thanks to you both.
  16. Need help creating a list of tables in Word 2007, or getting table captions to appear in ToC

    I am editing a Word doc where the authors number their tables 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, etc.

    I have consulted the instructions here
  17. Word 2010: Index page numbers aren't active links to page in the doc

    I just created an index in Word 2010. The page numbers that appear after each entry do not take me to that page in the document if I click on them. That doesn't seem right.

    Here is my field code:...
  18. Thanks, Andrew for your reply. Hmm, I think I...

    Thanks, Andrew for your reply.

    Hmm, I think I have missed or not discovered the way to do that in Word. Could you or anyone else provide a quick explanation? Many thanks
  19. PS The journal my client is writing for uses the...

    PS The journal my client is writing for uses the style of repeating endnote numbers ( entering a citation a second time in the manuscript without it being entered as a new reference) so I am trying...
  20. How to enter a citation several times with Word entering it as a new reference number

    I am editing a paper that has multiple citations to the same text. Word enters each reference with a sequentially larger number, but I want the citation number to remain the same for each instance...
  21. Possible to insert a cross-reference on text without removing it?

    I am trying to insert a cross reference on some text, and am referencing a later bookmark. Whenever I do so however, the text that I have highlighted for cross referencing dissappears. I am unsure...
  22. Thanks Russ!

    Thanks Russ!
  23. Why are links to published PDF reports not opening the report to the title page?

    I have hyperlinks in my resume that direct readers to examples of my published work. Annoyingly, and inexplicably (since the URLs haven't changed), in both Word and PDF these links open the report on...
  24. Several Excel 2010 ?s: mostly editing hyperlinked text issues

    Working in a spreadsheet and the cell font is Arial 9. Whenever I embed a hyperlink to any text in a cell, the font changes to Calibri 11. Worse, when I switch it back to Arial 9, then save and...
  25. Word 2010 question: Heading 6 using same number hierarchy as Heading 5

    Hey folks,

    I removed the "Hide until used" setting for Heading 6 and modified the Style based on: to that of Heading 5. I then selected a font one point smaller than that of Heading 5.

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