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  1. Prioritising access to main storage devices

    Is there a way for the user to manipulate a program's priority of access to storage? Most indexer programs seem well-behaved in this regard, but other programs seem to hog access when I'd like them...
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    Adding a program to MSCONFIG startup

    Most of the interest in msconfig seems directed to speeding startups. I simply need to know how to add a couple of programs to every startup. Most importantly, Process Explorer.
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    Fred also returned to the use of msconfig to...

    Fred also returned to the use of msconfig to speed up reboots. The other side of that coin is rarely mentioned: that is - how can I add an executable to msconfig if it didn't get there when the...
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    Icons stuck to RHS

    Previously I have been able to drag all these together back to the bottom of the window:
    start button, taskbar, tray and notification area.
    but this time I can't get any or all of them off the...
  5. I want to decide what is in my System Tray

    Win XP sp3.
    I need to remove some ikons from the system tray and put others there, but I can't justify SysTrayX install cost & tax & trouble renewing. Specially since I don't know what I'll be...
  6. Fred Langa says "So the best password managers...

    Fred Langa says "So the best password managers bypass the keyboard buffer. "
    Which are they,please?
  7. Yes I have gone through your sequence (with...

    Yes I have gone through your sequence (with saving) with several files, old and new.
    But now I'm thinking perhaps you are referring to the very first file that wouldn't print.
    Of course I have no...
  8. Thank you, Zeddy: I altered and reset the...

    Thank you, Zeddy:
    I altered and reset the regional settings as you prescribed, but still got the same errmess.
    The same annoyance afflicted three other spreadsheets. In one case I had to have a...
  9. XL '97: Current printer is unavailable. Select another printer.

    Win XP s3
    I don't know what essential file has been deleted or corrupted to cause the above alert. MS Word in the same version of Office still previews and prints without protest, but Excel refuses...
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    Where is link to upgrade from IE8?

    Windows Automatic Updates has left IE untouched, so I want to DIY.
    I am used to update being an option in about under help, but it isn't there in IE 8 running on my Win XP SP3.
    So where is the...
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    Minor bug strikes Screensaver

    XP sp3
    I found my Blank screensaver was on strike - just wasn't taking over at all - after I changed its wait time from five minutes to ten minutes. Investigating, I found the monitor power-down...
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    My Green Screen of Frustration

    XP sp3 and the Disappearing Desktop:

    Every now and then the desktop, tray, start button all go blank, although the background colour and open windows renain unaffected. The only way I know how to...
  13. I haven't used Wordpress yet but the way to do it...

    I haven't used Wordpress yet but the way to do it from WebPlus is to put each second-level menu on its own "panel" triggered by click or hover (at your option for each panel) over the parent button...
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    Rebellion: toward an honest search site

    I am sick to death of Google and Yahoo ignoring what I ask for.
    The small ones I've tried seem little better.
    The more search terms I specify, the higher the proportion of false finds.
    I would...
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    How to restore a vanished desktop

    Occasionally, perhaps following a period on Stand By, I have had to re-boot to start work again because the desktop has disappeared, leaving a blank background in place of all its icons, Start...
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    I find this moderator's response a bit rude...

    I find this moderator's response a bit rude (round here we misuse the word 'ignorant' but I refrain). Notepad is far more primitive than a Style-free Word would be. A fairer suggestion might have...
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    Lost version-saving utility

    When I had time to write poems - well, verse - I found a DOS utility kind of program that wrote small* textfiles: you opened it with a filename and every save became a separate version that had the...
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    Thanks again,Joe: ShellExView is quite...

    Thanks again,Joe:
    ShellExView is quite comprehensive and shortened my context menu's appearance time appreciably. The main culprit seems to have been VLC media player, which had two lines in the...
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    Thank you, JoeP517: The bartdart utility only...

    Thank you, JoeP517:
    The bartdart utility only deals with a few named programs' links - I would need to know how to add several others to it to see any effect.
    Probably a matter of editing the...
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    Overweight context menus - how to slim?

    When I have just a few file renames to do, I use Windows Explorer's right-click on the file name, rather than loading RenameMaster.

    But the context menu has become very slow to appear. I suspect...
  21. M'soft Security Essentials - conflicting scans?

    I want to schedule quickscan every day and fullscan weekly but it seems the interface only allows either, not both. How can I overcome this?
  22. Before OE lovers turn to T'bird they should be...

    Before OE lovers turn to T'bird they should be warned that it too is a long way short of ideal: f'rinstance the simple objective of moving the big folder of stored mail from drive c: to drive f:...
  23. Could crash reports be a fishing-ground for crooks?

    Or is it credible that a capable organisation offering technical support would intercept crash reports in order to acquire clients?

    Yesterday I filed to Microsoft several successive crash reports...
  24. Does blocking internet conn protect my password?

    I asked before but received no comments:
    Before I use my master password I block network traffic (using kaspersky's switch). Does that protect my password against keylogging malware, or can the...
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    I was an Opera-first user for years, until a...

    I was an Opera-first user for years, until a revision that stopped it handling my JavaScript the way it had done (which was just like IE and FF did and do). I could not get any help from company or...
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