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  1. Word 2010: Enable Editing Mode does not allow body text to hyphenate-making the page layout change

    My office is new to Word 2010. The IT group insists we have the "Enable Editing" mode active on our system for security reasons (through Words trust center). The problem is that sometimes we have...
  2. Mixed Heading Numbering Schemes in One Document

    Hello All!

    This might sound crazy but I need to know if it is possible for Word 2007 to use 2 different numbering schemes in one document (Mixing Arabic with Roman numbers). I have searched and...
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    thanks Eric! I have tried many different...

    thanks Eric! I have tried many different combinations to insert the SEQ pn code. I keep getting "Error! Main Document Only." in the field. I know I'm doing something wrong but I just can't figure...
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    Two page numbers on same page

    I often insert a single 11x17 page into a lettersized document and have them count as two pages. We've always had the first page auto number from the page ahead. Then have second page number...
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