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  1. If the system reserve space(partition) is on the...

    If the system reserve space(partition) is on the partition I'm eliminating , how do I move/reinstall it on the new larger partition. I have minitool partition wizard to manage my partitions, but will...
  2. Want to remove xp from triple boot system

    This is the current setup I have: Amd phenom 2500 overclocked to 3000, 2 hard drives, first one has xp on 1st partition, Win 7 on second and data on 3rd. second hard drive has 2 partitions, one for...
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    Windows shutdown problem

    I also have shutdown issues. I've done some research into it but no joy. If I do a safe mode boot, it will take over 2 minutes to shutdown. This seems to show that it isn't a driver issue for third...
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