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  1. Paul, Thanks for your advice, what you suggest...

    Thanks for your advice, what you suggest looks to be definitely the best option, and I can now investigate further. Thanks again for taking the time to consider my question.


  2. Technology and approaches for managing your teen's use of the home WiFi connection

    I have a youngish teen at home for whom I would like to better manage his access to the home WiFi connection but not make access to the same service any more difficult for myself or my wife (or...
  3. Whageo, Also a really good suggestion especially...

    Also a really good suggestion especially if you have more sophisticated message management requirements and don't object to spending a little bit of money. Another benefit is that this...
  4. Thanks for the advice Chris - suggestion works a treat.

    Brilliant, I downloaded the app and it worked as you suggested it would. The export to XML format and use of an XSL file for viewing the backed up contents in a more friendly format may not...
  5. Software to Transfer SMS and MMS from Android Phone to my Windows 7 PC

    Does anyone use software they can recommend for transferring SMS and MMS from an Android phone to a Windows 7 PC? I've now got a collection of sensitive SMS texts on my phone that I would like...
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